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Is It Possible to Stay Anonymous Online in 2020?

The increasingly digital world is making it crucial for people to ensure their privacy online, but you should learn about whether it’s actually possible to stay anonymous online in 2020.

The digital revolution can arguably be considered one of the greatest eras in human history since the invention of the wheel. In the digital age, internet users have access to an astronomical amount of data online. Whenever we need something, we look for it on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

People are spending more and more time online, whether it’s social media or browsing the internet. Too much time online comes with its drawbacks. Data never sleeps, and companies are constantly collecting your online data and learning more about you every minute. Browsing the internet gives you access to a lot of information, but it does not usually come with invisibility.

Importance of Staying Anonymous Online

Staying anonymous online could be critical in the digital age. If it is not an advertising agency trying to target you with ads based on your searches, it could be a cybercriminal who wants to steal your passwords.

Online anonymity is not just for people who are up to no good. It’s important for everyone. Whether it’s to stay safe from cybercriminals, protecting yourself from harassment, or dealing with sensitive personal issues, everyone can benefit from being able to stay anonymous online.

Tips to Stay Anonymous Online

If you want to stay anonymous online, you should know that it is not easy in the digital age. However, online anonymity is not impossible. We will share a few tips to protect your anonymity online.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are becoming increasingly popular among people who value their privacy online. The global market for VPNs has been forecasted to reach $35.73 billion by 2022.

VPN providers offer their products as an effective way for clients to achieve online security and anonymity. These applications use security protocols, encryptions, and server networks to keep your internet connection safe and secure. Using a high-quality VPN can help you achieve a degree of security and let you stay anonymous online.

Location Services

You use several websites and apps throughout the day for several purposes. Many of these websites and apps can request your location data through your browser or phone, exposing your geographic location.

Unfortunately, these settings are automatically turned on for most apps and websites. Disabling location services in the apps and browsers you use can make sure your geographic location is no longer visible to others.

App Permissions

Whenever you install an app, it requests you to grant several permissions to the app so it can access some of your data. For instance, if you are installing an online chatting app, it will ask for permission to access your contacts and send messages to them.

However, some apps request too much access to data that they don’t need. Check the app permissions for the applications you’ve installed on your phone. If you see an app with permissions it shouldn’t need, you should consider uninstalling the app.


The digital currencies called cryptocurrencies are becoming popular every day. These currencies ensure decentralized and secure payment methods that let you remain anonymous for your transactions. Since the advent of Bitcoin in January 2009, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies being used worldwide.

Many people believe that cryptocurrencies could be the future of online transactions. They let you make payments for goods and services without letting anybody track your identity. Using cryptocurrencies to make payments can add another layer of online security and help you stay anonymous online.

Disabling Extensions

Using browser extensions helps us take care of several tasks quickly without changing to another desktop application or opening another browser window. However, some browser extensions can record the data about websites you visit, how you interact with the pages, and typically sell them to interested third-parties like advertising agencies. Ideally, you should avoid using browser extensions.

Stay Anonymous Online

It is surprising how easy it is for us to access any information we need online. Unfortunately, it is equally easy for our data to be collected in the form of an open book. Learning how to truly stay anonymous online takes a lot more time and effort. These tips can help you get started, and you should consider staying updated on the latest trends to make sure you know all the ways to improve your online security and privacy.

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