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Living in a Cashless Society

Going contactless

Prior to the outbreak of the current Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have started to adopt card payment options as an alternative to cash transactions. With the rise of implementing safe hygiene measures, several restaurants have requested card only payments, and have stopped accepting cash altogether. Public transportation systems are taking precautionary measures and have promoted the use of cards and mobile phones to purchase tickets digitally. It is evident that contactless payment options have been proven to be an effective and convenient tool for various aspects of daily life. With the reduced need for the chip and pin, banks have taken considerable notice in the rise of contactless payment methods, and have implemented an increased limit for daily transactions. Even under the current circumstances, individuals have adapted to the changes in payment measures and continue to thrive in a cashless society.

Communicate with customers through the support of an online translation agency

As payment methods continue to change and impact businesses across the world, establishments need to be able to inform their customers and stakeholders of the impending changes. For businesses operating in a number of countries, several language options must be available to communicate the message to clients across all language channels. If cash and cheques are no longer acceptable forms of payment, then individuals must be informed and aware of the changes before they attempt to make a payment. These measures will avoid frustration and disappointment from clients, and help maintain customer loyalty. It will become important for businesses to display clear signs in retail outlets, that explain cash is no longer an acceptable form of payment. Information on websites, catalogues and product details must be updated to include the new payment methods. will support individuals and businesses with the translation of marketing documents and ensure that customers are clear and up-to-date with the new payment methods. The agency will assign experts with the relevant experience in marketing translation, to ensure that the correct information is communicated in the language of the target audience.

Supporting your customers with the changes

Transitioning to a cashless society can prove to be a difficult task for many. Although online banking has widely improved the way individuals carry out their financial tasks, there are many who may find this method rather daunting. Elderly individuals who are inexperienced with technology may find this new payment method especially difficult and confusing. They may be unprepared for the new changes in their lives or lack the appropriate tools, such as a contactless payment card, to implement the new measures. For these reasons, it has become customary for banks to support and guide their customers with clear instructions on how online payment systems work. This will ensure that their customers have the appropriate tools to implement the new payment system in an effective manner. It is clear that good communication and offering support for clients is the key to achieving great customer satisfaction. is always available to support their clients in the effective communication of payment changes across a vast number of language combinations. Contact with your marketing translation needs.

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