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The Importance of an Image Gallery on a Business Website

Visual marketing is one of the most effective ways of advertising and promoting your business, and adding an image gallery to your web page has the potential to instantly expand your client base. Through ensuring your web content is accompanied by a short stream of images, you can guarantee an increase in website interaction and efficiency.

Options and Examples

Adding an image gallery to accompany your web content can deliver information to your clients that would take up valuable space and time were it to be described through text. If a dress maker were offering varying styles of lace, it would be quicker for them to show images of these different designs, rather than attempting to describe them in intricate detail.

Furthermore, adding an image gallery allows you the opportunity to show clients previous examples of your work, to demonstrate the options you have to offer them and the breadth of your ability. Used in this context, images also have the potential to act as a form of customer review. By including examples of work that have impressed customers, you are showing potential clients the quality of your previous work, encouraging them to use your services.

A good example of this is the Paul Robinson Partnership site. This site displays the work of the landscape architects in Norfolk, is essentially an online portfolio or efficient online brochure. Their users are greeted by the images the moment they enter their site, so they can’t help but pay attention to the carousel of the company’s previous work. This way, the user is presented with a positive image of the company before they have even had a chance to ready any copy. First impressions can go a long way.

 Attract Intended Demographic

It is easy for people of specific demographics to feel ignored by advertising campaigns, as they may not be able to connect with the language, layout or style of your site. By including images relevant to your intended demographic within your web page, you are clearly and explicitly drawing the attention of the section of the public you are trying to communicate with. In doing so, your target audience will know that your services are intended for them, and be more inclined to explore your business further.

Increasing Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is vital to increasing the success of your website, but it is not just about including buzzwords and relevant terminology anymore. Much research has gone into how imagery can help increase the SEO of your site, and has found that the use of relevant imagery has the potential to encourage user engagement. Whilst adding images to tweets can result in an increase of 150% retweets, 63% of web users click on an image before visiting a web page, and 35% of users will scroll through Google to find the image they are looking for, something that rarely occurs in web content search. Customers may even land on your site without searching for your services directly, by describing the style of dress they wish to purchase and land upon an image from your sites photo gallery.

Increase Social Media Sharing

Our increased internet usage is driving forward the speed at which we communicate and share information. Whilst Twitter users once found their 140 characters constricting, the phrases we use to communicate with are getting shorter as we get busier. For this reason attaching imagery to your web content has the potential to increase social media sharing, as relevant photographs on Facebook and twitter can be easily shared. This will draw the attention of potential clients far faster than a description of your service, however many characters you use.

Positive Expression/Positive Reaction

If you were greeting a customer or potential client in person, you would be sure to demonstrate positive and inviting body language, something that is not as easy to do with plain copy. Your goal is to emulate the emotional and personal connection that you have with your clients. By including images of employees interacting with customers in a positive manner, smiling and chatting to them or helping them with a purchase, potential clients will see the friendly rapport that your company has with those it works with, thus encouraging them to bring their business to you.

Including visual imagery is an easy way to increase the effectiveness of your website, allowing you to capture the attention of potential customers and expand your client base.

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Chloe is a recent graduate from the University of East Anglia. She enjoys writing about social media and film.

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