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How To Search Engine Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing and most useful social media channels. It serves as a new-age job search tool, a source for industry related news and a way to connect with fellow professionals. While its value is no secret, increasing the visibility of your LinkedIn profile is something you might not have considered. Below is a list of tips for helping people to discover your profile and the skills and experience it contains.

Research Jobs in Your Field

Doing some research about the various jobs in your preferred field will help you to discover words and phrases commonly associated with your industry. Running these frequently used terms through Google Adwords Keyword Tool will allow you to discover the most commonly searched words related to your field. Including these keywords on your profile will improve its search engine ranking when someone is searching for phrases associated with your current or desired job.

These terms can be placed within job descriptions, the about me section and other fields on your LinkedIn Profile. For example, if your job requires you to write web sales copy for hats and various other products, try dropping these specific names in the work rather than just saying you’re a copywriter.

Take Advantage of Links

LinkedIn gives you the freedom to choose the URL for your profile. Leaving the random numbers and letters that come along with the stock link will make it difficult for people to remember. Incorporating your name or business will allow users to associate you profile’€™s URL with you.

Also, adding links to your other websites will increase your profile’€™s visibility within the search engines. This includes links to your blog, social media sites, portfolios or personal websites. Rather than simply using the preset link categories offered by LinkedIn, inbound marketing agents suggest selecting the ‘€œother’€ option for categorizing your website. This will allow you to insert keywords in the link’€™s title and to add a description that may also feature keywords. Not only will these links drive traffic toward your other pages and websites, but relevant links will also increase your LinkedIn profile’s search engine ranking.

Be an Active LinkedIn Member

Having a completed profile and a bunch of connections is great but it won’€™t get you anywhere if you don’€™t take advantage of it. Considering that LinkedIn is a social network, interacting with other users is key to increasing your profile’s visibility. This means sharing relevant content with your connections and responding to the content within your feed.

According to Blue Fountain Media, joining groups is another way for people to discover your profile. Company recruiters often comb the membership of groups focused on their particular industry. Aside from the relevance of the news and content being shared within these groups, they are also a great place to make new connections and meet fellow industry professionals.

Display Your Work

LinkedIn offers you the space to share and promote your work. When you’€™ve recently published an article, written a blog post or created a new video, your LinkedIn profile is a great place to display new projects. No only will your work see more traffic, but relevant content of this nature will also allow search engines to better understand who you are and what you do.

Ask for Recommendations

The value of having recommendations on your LinkedIn profile is no secret. Having people you’ve worked with attest to your skills and knowledge is something that looks great for potential employers. Aside from this more obvious benefit, LinkedIn recommendations improve your profile’s search engine rankings. With this in mind, you should reach out to some of your personal contacts for a recommendation. Whether it be a former professor, boss or coworker, their input is an invaluable asset to have on your profile. Just be sure to return the favor, and create a reciprocal effect that will help both parties.

Regardless of the nature of your work or your current employment status, LinkedIn is an excellent tool for developing lucrative relationships. Improving the visibility of your profile with these SEO techniques will only increase the value you can take away from this social media platform.

Written By

Katie Elizabeth is a freelance blogger and content coordinator with experience in several industries, including panasonic telephone systems firms , real estate and online ordering restaurant. When she's not writing, she loves traveling and listening to music.



  1. Lalitha

    September 24, 2013 at 11:58 am

    I am surprised to know the relevance of LinkedIn. Even though I have a profile I have not done any updates for months. Amazed to know that companies recruit through it.

    • Katie Elizabeth

      September 24, 2013 at 3:56 pm

      Hi Lalitha, thanks for reading! LinkedIn is definitely important and is a great way to show off your professional experience! Recruiters are constantly using LinkedIn as a tool to find new employees and contractors!

  2. Mark Ford

    September 24, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    Hi Katie.

    I must admit I dont use LinkedIn to its full potential. My blog posts are fed to it via Hootsuite and I rarely login to see what going on.

    I really need to find the time to get involved in the many groups I’m a member of.

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  4. Art

    December 9, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    Great post!
    Many marketers choose LinkedIn as their favourite social media platform for one simple reason – it is the number one social media site for professionals!
    Good luck everyone 🙂

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