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How to Recover Deleted Records in SQL Server

Want to recover deleted records in SQL Server? Read this blog to learn the top solutions to recover deleted records from your SQL Server Database.

This article contains several solutions to recover deleted records in SQL Server. In this article, you will learn a manual method and along with that, an automated solution to accomplish the task. You can choose whichever method you find catering better to your needs. So, without further ado, let us get started with the article.

MS SQL Server uses MDF files to store its database. Unfortunately, sometimes users face atrocities like accidental deletion and lose records in their database. Due to this, they look for solutions to recover deleted records in SQL Server. Therefore, I have drafted this technical write-up for you to know the top solutions to eradicate the issue and restore your deleted records from MDF file data.

Manual Solution to Recover Deleted Records from SQL Server MDF File

  • Create a database.
  • Insert data into the created table.
  • Delete rows from the table.
  • Obtain information about the deleted rows.
  • Obtain the LSN [log sequence number] of the LOP_BEGIN_XACT log record.
  • Finally, recover the deleted records in SQL Server.

So, this is the manual solution on how to recover deleted records in SQL Server. Unfortunately, one can only use this method if you are an SSMS user. If you do not have SQL Server environment to open and read your MDF file then move on to the next segment.

Expert Suggestion for Recovering Deleted SQL Server Database Records

When it comes to recovering deleted records in SQL Server, SysTools SQL Recovery Tool has been an all-time favorite of technical experts. It provides an abundance of fascinating features that make it an appealing choice for users. This tool executes the entire repair process in a secure yet hassle-free way. Along with that, it provides Quick Scan and Advanced Scan modes to thoroughly scan your uploaded database. Moreover, you can recover deleted records from any size database using this tool as it does not impose any kind of file size limitation on the user-uploaded data. In addition to that, the software supports recovering deleted records from MDF files from all versions of SQL Server, whether the latest or the older.

Steps to Recover Deleted Records in SQL Server Using the Tool

  • Install and launch the expert-suggested utility on your computer.
  • From the top left corner of the tool interface, click on the Open button to upload your MDF file(s).
  • Now, in the scan mode window, choose between the Quick Scan or Advance Scan option to scan your uploaded file.
  • Then, check the box for the “recover deleted objects” option. If you do not, then the software will not recover the deleted objects from your uploaded database.
  • Next, manually select the SQL Server version or let the software automatically detect the SQL Server version of the uploaded file.
  • Once done with that, the expert utility will preview the database objects in its dedicated panel.
  • Click Export and select how you want to export your data from the provided options.

So There You Have It

In this article, we saw two different methods to recover deleted records in SQL Server. We discussed both the manual as well as the automated method. Unfortunately, the manual method to solve the issue comes with several drawbacks which can get overwhelming for users to work through. Therefore, technical professionals suggest users go for the above-mentioned utility to ensure a reliable and secure process.

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