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SQL Server Advantages and Best Practices You Need To Know

The Structured Query Language is commonly used to create, maintain, update, and operate relational databases. It is popular for many reasons, notably its ease of use to manage large volumes of data and its integration with several leading scripting languages. There are two main components of SQL Server. The first is a relational engine for processing commands and queries, and the other is the storage engine for managing the various features of the database. An overview of the main advantages of SQL Server and best practices:

The Main Benefits of SQLServer

Easy Installation

Microsoft SQLServer is very easy to install. You do need to remember complicated steps because it comes with a user-friendly installation wizard. Instead of extensive command-line instructions, you have access to a simple installation interface and a GUI with detailed instructions. The package also downloads and installs the required updates automatically, helping you stay up-to-date.

Superior Performance

SQL Server has built-in features for compressing data and encryption. There is no need for users to modify the program to encrypt and secure data since the package provides efficient tools for permission management and access controls that help users secure their critical and confidential business information. According to Microsoft, SQL Server 2019 features Intelligent Query Processing that makes it easier to manage critical parallel workloads.

Multiple Server Editions

Microsoft makes available multiple editions of SQL Server to cater to the different needs of its customers. The difference between the versions is in their features and pricing. The Enterprise Edition is meant for large businesses with large data handling and storage requirements, while the Standard Edition is ideal for SMEs. The Express Edition has the fewest features and a limited user capacity, but it is free. The Developer Edition allows developers to build and test applications using the SQL Server.

High Security

With sophisticated encryption algorithms that make it very difficult for hackers to break into it, the SQL Server database is highly secure. It is a big benefit to businesses because data breaches can mean great financial and reputational loss, aside from business disruption.

Superior data restoration and recovery.

Built to be robust, SQLServer has several sophisticated features to assist users in restoring corrupted or lost data. Users get access to advanced tools for data recovery that make it possible for them to recover lost data despite extensive corruption.

The lower total cost of ownership

Microsoft SQL Server is an excellent buy in terms of features and cost of ownership, with different editions priced differently to suit all budgets, the robust structure of the RDMS, and advanced data management tools. Its excellent value-for-money proposition is the reason for its popularity worldwide.

Best Practices for SQL Server Administration

Microsoft SQL Server is a sophisticated product with many features and functionalities. Unless you know how to extract the best performance out of it, you will not be able to achieve the desired ROI. Some best practices include:

Use an advanced firewall

Every business needs to secure its database since it contains important data vital to business success. It needs to protect the data from the prying eyes of its competitors and mischievous elements trying to steal or disrupt business operations. By installing a robust firewall, you can prevent unauthorized access to the business database and ensure the integrity of your database. Even if you are operating multiple computers, you can configure the firewall on the server and extend the security to all the machines.

Install a second SSD persistent disk

Microsoft SQLServer comes preconfigured, which means that everything is on your C drive on a boost persistent disk. It is sensible to have a secondary disk, preferably an SSD disk, for fast access to store sensitive business information and log files. You can give your data the additional security necessary to prevent data corruption or inadvertent deletion by users.

Monitor transaction logs

With time, it is natural for the transaction logs to become very large. Unfortunately, when this happens, it slows down the performance of the database. It is good practice to disable auto-growth and monitor the growth of transaction logs on all systems. You can also set the log file to a fixed size based on the daily average log accumulation to help manage the transaction logs.

Scheduled transaction log backups

It is important to back up transaction logs regularly, even if you are constantly monitoring and managing them. You can restore data without loss by scheduling regular data backups. You will also be able to make more efficient use of the disk space by allowing the replacement of old entries. By maintaining the log files, the system performs more optimally, especially during peak traffic times.


Microsoft SQLServer is a feature-rich, robust relational database management system ideal for business organizations of every size. It has many important features and functionalities that make database management for business operations easier. Users can enhance the system performance by implementing best practices, significantly boosting its return on investment.

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