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How to Find the Financial Worth of a Website

If you have ever wondered how much your website or any popular site, such as Google or Yahoo is worth, the answer may actually be at your fingertips. A website’s financial value is determined by several factors, some of which are the amount of traffic, its age and so on. Due to the erratic nature of some of these factors,  only estimates can be calculated and there are a few online resources out there that perform this task. Although designed differently, these tools are operated in a similar manner i.e. by entering the website URL in question, hitting the submit button and viewing the results. The following site estimation tools are particularly useful for this purpose.



DnScoop calculates the total estimated value of any given website by its domain age, PageRank check, inbound links, traffic rank, current Alexa rank, domain name IP report, link value report by Text-Link-Ads, keyword popularity and the overall occurrences of the domain name on the web.



WebsiteOutlook provides as much useful information as DnScoop, it estimates the value of any given site by measuring its index data i.e. traffic rank, page rank, backlinks, Dmoz categories, daily ads revenue, daily pageview, Alexa ranking, reach per million, page views per million etc.

While no website estimation tool is 100% accurate, they could be useful for evaluating any website either out of interest, reference or for business purposes. However, it should be noted that there is need to be careful and to ensure that more investigation is carried out when using these tools for business purposes.

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