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How to Find the Best Management Software for a Swimming Pool Service Business

Swimming is a popular pastime in the USA, and with an estimated 10 million-plus residential pools, along with over 300,000 public pools, (source: Association of Pool & Spa Professionals), the pool servicing industry can prove to be a very lucrative business area to be a part of. However, like any opportunity, there are ways to help make it more lucrative and more successful than average, something which is really pretty important when there’s lots of competition out there.

One of the easiest ways to transform your swimming pool service business from adequate to outstanding is to source and use a good management software system. There are lots of versions around to choose from, and amongst them, some will be a better fit for your company than others, so it’s really a case of doing some research and learning more about what different swimming pool management software packages offer, and can do for your business, before making a choice and putting it to work.

Don’t worry if you have a limited (or even zero) understanding of computers and software. Most packages around are user-friendly, and you just need to focus on finding one that makes sense to you, and therefore is appealing – or at least feels manageable. Believe us when we say that using a management software system is always going to be easier in the long term than messing about with paperwork.

How to choose the best swimming pool service software management package

You will soon realize that while certain key factors seem to feature across all software packages, others bring something unique or less common to the table. The simple trick to choosing which package is best for your swimming pool service business is to look out for the features you feel will best serve your business, along with other key factors such as pricing, customer support, and so on; something like swimming pool service software from Evosus could be a good package to look at.

Typical key features of many swimming pool service software management packages

Customer data storage and tracking

Whether a client has one residential pool or manages contracts for half a dozen commercial facilities, you will never have to look far for their details again if they are recorded on a secure management software system. Plus, their contact details can be updated easily – reducing time wasted trying to connect to dead phone lines. Most systems allow you to grant others access to particular sections of the system, so field engineers, for example, could update files should customer data changes be reported to them directly.

Optimized route planning

The amount of time wasted backtracking when traveling between appointments every week is incredible, but a good pool service business software management system can automate this to produce the most logical and time-effective routes based on the customer appointments booked. The system may even be able to suggest follow-up appointments based on existing knowledge of the diary for any particular day, week, or month.

Useful emails

A handy feature of a pool service business software management system enables you to set up automatic email reports on work completed, along with reminders of the next service date. These should be automatically added to the client’s file and the work diary too, making admin so much easier.

No wastage on parts

The system may be able to order parts ahead of schedule, saving precious time waiting for deliveries, or paying premium prices for express delivery of forgotten items. This also reduces the need to hold lots of stock which is not needed, relieving the general cash flow.

Easy invoicing

Prompt invoices are generated and monitored by a good pool service software management system, with reminders and acknowledgments of payment being sent automatically too. This makes paperwork and accounts management so much easier to keep on top of, and reduces the risk of unpaid invoices being overlooked.

Simple staff monitoring

You can use this kind of management system to track and trace any particular technician as needed. This is helpful if they get held up at a particular location, or if you need to divert someone from one job to another if an emergency or urgent call comes in.

Internet access

Some pool service business software management systems allow you to use them either on or offline, which can be a very handy plus if your techs are at a location with no easy Internet access. At the very least choose a system that stores and synchs information securely in the cloud – so there’s no need to backup or risk of it being lost.

Working in the pool servicing business is a hefty responsibility, as without the correct care and treatment of the pool and the water it contains those using it could be exposed to all kinds of unpleasant experiences and dangers. This makes it crucial that companies working in the industry are able to establish and maintain a credible and trustworthy image and reputation, something which takes considerable effort every day you are in business – yet is so tenuous that it could easily be threatened or even lost forever.

When it comes to pool servicing customers, whether domestic or commercial, are looking for pretty much the same things; they want to have full use of a safe and pleasant pool. Many will be more than happy to commit to a pool service software at that can deliver consistent results in this field, so why allow yourself to get left behind when the solution is there at your fingertips?

Choosing your first pool service business software management system will take some time, thought, research, and effort, but the results will be more than worth it.

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