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How To Build Your Own Tutor Matching Platform

Owing to a variety of factors such as the low cost of online education, government-led initiatives to boost e-learning, expanding internet userbase, flexibility, and customization, the scope of an online tutor matching platform is bound to grow exponentially. Online tutoring platforms have gained tremendous popularity in recent years, as learners find online tutoring more comfortable and convenient than in-person tutoring.

Although there are so many features and aspects that need special attention when you start building your own online tutoring platform, one feature that needs utmost attention is matching students with the right qualified tutors on your platform. Incompatibility between learning styles and teaching preferences can lead to low student engagement, boredom, poor test performance, discouragement, and the decision to quit the course.

Mismatching of tutor and student forbids them from adapting to each other’s learning and teaching styles. While perfect matching encourages collaboration between the teacher and learner which in turn reduces class management issues.

Benefits Of Matching Students With The Right Tutors

Matching students with the right tutors offer extreme benefits to all the user types on a tutoring platform – students, tutors, and admin.

  • Students – They get a personalized learning experience and tailored lessons according to their needs.
  • Tutors- Help tutors in finding qualified students who actually want to take lessons and want improvement.
  • For Admin – It is a win-win situation for the admin as a perfect tutor-student match will bring satisfaction and in return will help build platforms credibility among tutors and students.

Essentials To Match Students With The Right Tutors Online

Accurate User Profile

One of the most important aspects of tutor matching is to have accurate user profile data of both tutors and students. Profiles should be detailed enough, so that appropriate tutor can be matched with students. It should include their qualification, certifications, teaching experience, location, time availability, and rates.

Additional information about the tutors such as their proficiency in the subject and teaching competency based on age groups should also be included in the profile. On the other hand, the profile of students should clearly mention their age, subject preference, location, language preference, etc.

And, additional information about the student, such as the type of assistance required and the student’s education level also helps in finding a perfect tutor according to the requirement. The matching system considers all aspects of both profiles and then gives suggestions.

Easy Onboarding

Once the matching system identifies a suitable tutor for the student and a match is determined, a personal tutoring session is conducted between the student and the tutor. The next step is to facilitate smooth communication in the first tutoring session. It is essential for students to get an easy onboarding experience when they decide to enroll in a course with a specific tutor.

The user interface should be intuitive and seamless enough to facilitate easy onboarding of the students. Unnecessary links and registrations should be avoided to speed up the process. The interface should be clean and minimal. To facilitate easy communication for the first tutoring session, it can be arranged in real-time using a variety of interactive tools like a virtual whiteboard, TextPad,  screen-sharing, etc.

Free Demo Sessions

It is very important for an online tutor matching platform to gain learners’ trust and ensure their satisfaction. This can be achieved by letting learners avail free demo sessions with tutors. The learners can attend the demo session and evaluate the teachers on various factors that are important to them.

Also, free demo sessions help the learners in deciding whether they liked the tutor or not and want to continue or not. Therefore, it is very important to give free demo sessions to learners on your platform. Plus, there are multiple benefits of conducting free demo sessions, a few of them are-

  • Increases brand awareness
  • Generates more leads
  • Ensures higher conversions
  • Ensures improved user engagement
  • Gets long-term user retention

Reviews and Ratings

Every student is required to rate their tutor after their session together, and learners can view the tutor’s ratings by clicking on their profile. Tutors are rated on both their knowledge of the subject and presentation. Reviews and ratings help prospective learners decide which tutors are a good fit for them.

How To Build Your Own Tutor Matching Platform

In the coming future, online education is going to be a part of every person’s life and will create a huge demand for online tutor matching platforms. This would be the right time for budding entrepreneurs to hit the nail on the head, and avail this tremendous opportunity by building their own platforms.

Yo!Coach is an online tutoring software to set up your own online tutor matching platform without any complications. It provides top-notch features required for your platform and is completely customizable. It is a white-label solution with lifetime ownership. It comes pre-integrated with popular video conferencing APIs like Zoom, Lessonspace, and AtomChat which allows to incorporate highly interactive tools like a virtual whiteboard, textpad, screen sharing, etc. for the smooth conduction of online sessions between tutors and learners.

Yo!Coach is also pre-integrated with payment gateways like PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize. Net, PayGate, PayPal, Paystack, Stripe.  This solution also facilitates business owners by providing admin-oriented features to manage their platform efficiently. Yo!Coach has already helped so many entrepreneurs in kick-starting their online platform journey and is eager to help more budding entrepreneurs entering this industry.

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