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5 Steps To Set Up A Digital Presence For Your Painting Business

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The most crucial step when starting a professional business is establishing an online presence. Your website will be the first thing your clients see, and it will ultimately be the dealbreaker on whether they’ll commission you or not. With this, your website can easily make or break your business. So you must not only have an aesthetically pleasing website, but it should also be easy to navigate.

All this information and responsibilities could be overwhelming for someone new to the industry. You could even find yourself at the short end of the stick if you don’t know how to create your leverage. Moreover, reading below could prove to help create your digital presence:

Content Is Key

Although a painting business deals with artwork in general, a description of your artwork is still crucial. Through the detailed content of your artwork, your clients can determine your painting style, signature content, and brand. In addition, having good content means your clients get to know who you are as an artist and differentiates your content among competitors across different online platforms.

Your content also dictates what material you use for your paintings (acrylic, oil-based, watercolor, or gouache). Your content could even give you an edge with your painting instruments (brush, spray paint, painting knife, or sponges). Regardless of your style, reinventing yourself in content or painting materials gives your brand a distinct image.

Thus, if you’re an artist constantly looking for ways to reinvent yourself, you could even try going for high-quality realism with airbrushing. This technique is unlike any other since it’s versatile, and changing radius and intensity can quickly be done. With this, you could even look for Airbrush Accessories to start your creative journey!

Design Elements Are A Must

Since you already have well-packed content in your arsenal, it’s time for your artwork to shine with the design. You need to optimize your artwork, fonts, and templates to entice your clients. If it’s unappealing or outdated, it could turn people off – making huge losses in profit.

If you style airbrush artwork, you could try going for a design template with minimal style. Doing so leaves larger spaces to present your creative pieces and allows your clients to focus on your work. You could even try a dark-themed layout to give your artwork more pop. But, regardless of your design, working and using a design that brings out the best in your paintings and allures your clients is the best way.

Get Listed on Directories

If you don’t know what an online directory is, think of an online yellow pages book that gives your business more visibility. By listing your website in online directories, clients can quickly look for you when searching for painting commissions online.

Likewise, although directories are often paid to gain access to more advanced features, free listings are also available. This is especially beneficial to business owners who are looking for cost-effective options. Of course, you could always try well-known and free directories such as Yelp, Craigslist, and Bing.

When potential customers search for businesses with your services, looking through these directories allows the customers to gain a brief preview of your offer. Likewise, listing your business reassures your customers since they can look up your reviews.

Stay Connected To Clients

Since your clients are your primary driving force, connecting with them through active interactions and responses is crucial in your business. For example, since a painting business will need a detailed description of the client’s commissioned artwork, accompanying them through this journey will be a great way to stay connected with your clients. This makes them feel assured and acknowledged.

Likewise, clear communication allows transparency in the client’s request. By informing them of your timeframe, style, payment, or even copyright, you can minimize any transaction risks.

Go Where Your Clients Are

Since you already have your content, design, and contacts in the bag, it’s time to further your digital presence by going where your clients are—with this, setting up social media pages where your target audience may be. For example, since you’re mainly dealing with artwork pieces, visual media pages that focus on such will be beneficial – which could be Instagram or TikTok.

With the help of your social media accounts, you’re also up to date with what’s new. You could even use TikTok to show how you create your pieces. You may never know when your video will be the next hit, or your business could be the next big thing. Tiktok could help your painting business blow up – and that’s only with a 30-second video!

This is only one example of how to utilize social media platforms to your advantage – and that’s just with your phone or laptop. Indeed, constantly posting, recording, or uploading content on your socials keeps your clients updated and goes where other potential clients are.

Final Thoughts

With these five steps, a newly-established painting business will have no problems when it comes to creating a digital presence. From brand style to unique design and up until external and clientele relations, these steps will surely give your business a painting presence to remember!

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