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How Technology Will Change Your Business In 2015

It’s time to put aside 2014 and start getting excited for the new year and all that it brings us. We’re living at a time when technological innovations come fast and furious, bringing with them game-changing developments to everything from how we live to how we do business.

Keep in mind it’s not just technology that’s changing; according to the article “Making Technology Work for Your Business In 2015”, there are some demographic changes coming around the bend.

Here’s a preview of some business-changing tech trends that bear keeping an eye on in 2015. Businesses that want to be robust and competitive in the days to come would do well to pay close attention and embrace as many of these trends as possible.

2015 will be giving businesses some real game-changing technology

Mobile Employees

Thanks to the advent of mobile computing technology, professionals are no longer chained to their desks or obligated to do all of their work within the confines of their building. As demographics shift and more baby boomers retire, they will be replaced by a new generation that is much more familiar and comfortable with working off-site. As a result, look for an increase in cloud-based business phone systems, and consequently, more innovations to this particular technology, especially in terms of security.

The Internet Of Things

Also known as IoT, the Internet of Things describes the concept of everything around us, our autos, homes, pets, appliances, all of these and more, each having their own IP address and Internet access that does not require direct human intervention and operation. Each of these things sends data on its own, enabling users to control these things remotely, or businesses to gather information for analysis. As the IoT grows in usage, the data gathered will play a bigger role in determining how companies do business, create marketing campaigns, and interact with their customers.

Increasingly Advanced Analytics

Walking hand in hand with the Internet of Things is the need for apps to handle more analytics. The sheer amount of data generated by the IoT will need to be put into forms that businesses can easily use to their advantage. Look for analytics apps to become more versatile, powerful, and widespread, as well as more apps actually featuring analytics capabilities.

Wireless Saturation

More people than ever use mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, and prefer texting over talking on the phone. In order to make this easier, wireless connectivity is everywhere. Individual businesses, shopping malls, even entire commercial districts, all offer Wi-Fi access. Mobile usage continues to trend upwards, and more devices are being fitted with wireless connectivity. Businesses that want to direct their marketing efforts at where the people are would do well to realize this, and tailor their campaigns and program their apps accordingly.

Better Security Solutions

With all of these advances relying so heavily on wireless networking, the whole issue of security is elevated to new heights of importance. Look for advances in risk assessment, with data security moving away from the traditional perimeter defense to a more towards a more multi-faceted approach, with more automation and customization.

These are just a small sample of the technological advances that can be expected for the new year. Each of them offer an ambitious business the means of improving itself, and assuring that 2015 will be truly prosperous year.

For a good example of how technology has affected the business sector, read “How Technology Has Shaped The Virtual Workforce.”

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