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Beginner Struggles With Cloud Storage

Cloud services have skyrocketed in popularity recently. As the internet and upload speeds have increased, moving your data to the cloud has become easier than ever. There are lots of advantages to saving your pictures, music, and documents to one of these online servers. Your data instantly becomes accessible from any computer or phone with Internet access. If your main computer at home stops operation, your information stays protected. This method also frees up local space on your computer for software and other needs. While the potential of this technology is great, it is not always so easy to navigate. Here are a few of the problems beginners often face with online storage.

The Upload Process

One of the difficult first steps with cloud storage is learning how to upload your data. To begin, you need to be connected to the internet and have whatever software or website available for your particular system. From there, you will need to select your locally stored data and either copy it to the cloud or permanently move it to the cloud. If you copy your data, then you are essentially creating a backup of your locally stored files. This means that you have a local copy as well as an online copy. This is a great option if you are not worried about space on your machine, but want to ensure that in the event of malfunction, your data is protected. If you are interested in freeing up some space on your local machine, consider moving your data from the machine via cut and paste to the cloud.


Another challenge facing new users surrounds the sync process. To sync means that all of your work on one current machine matches what is stored online. If you do not sync properly, then looking at your cloud storage on one machine may look different from the other. In order to avoid this problem, it is best to identify how syncing process works in different cloud services. Some, such as Google drive, automatically sync while other require you to manually push a button. Every time you complete a set of tasks on your storage service, be sure that you hit that sync button. That will prevent any loss of work or further complications.

Another option to be aware of is automatically syncing folders. Services such as Dropbox allow you to put data into a specific folder which then automatically uploads and updates their online storage. If you opt for this type of service, be sure you know when you are saving to the auto sync folder.


Currently, there is still a debate about just how safe this type of online storage is. As a result, it is advisable, particularly for those new to cloud services, to only put documents, which are non-sensitive on the cloud. This means documents with social security numbers, birth certificates and the like should not be put online. As one advances in understanding this online storage technology, it is possible to find security solutions, such as encryptions, to help protect such information.

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