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A virtual private network (VPN) secures your data by encrypting it before it leaves your computer network and becomes part of the internet. As you must be aware, the internet allows free flow of information and this includes your IP address, your location on the globe, even the make and model of the computer you are using and you really do not want such information to end up in wrong hands. This is where a trusted and secure VPN provider can help you and this post will tell you more about such a provider, CactusVPN.

The most important change that CactusVPN will bring to your network is the ability to surf the internet anonymously. No more getting worried about where you head on the internet and who might be looking back at you. CactusVPN will hide your true IP and keep you anonymous at all times. Unlike other VPN providers whose connection can drop and reveal your true IP, CactusVPN comes with an Application Killer that instantly kills the application that you are using as soon as the VPN connection drops. The good news is that Application Killer can also wake up applications as soon as a secure VPN connection is established so you need not stay up at nights fearing when your torrent downloading might halt.

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Yes, CactusVPN allows you to use torrent downloads without any holdbacks and even lets you stream content from sites that usually restrict content by geographical borders. So, whether you want to watch movies on Netflix, series on Hulu or documentaries on the BBC iPlayer, you can simply start watching them by using CactusVPN. The software manages this by using a simple technology called SmartDNS. While this has to be purchased separately, it can be used easily using the CactusVPN software and is activated instantly. SmartDNS also enables content to be sent to you directly, thereby removing the lengthy waiting times that usually come with other sites that promises geo-restricted content. This is also why torrent downloading speeds are also not affected when using this software.

CactusVPN is the first company that started offering 5 different VPN protocols on all their servers. Whether you prefer SSTP or PPTP, Soft Ether or Open VPN, you can simply choose the protocol of your liking when you use CactusVPN. And if you have no idea what this means, that you are not losing anything at all because CactusVPN comes with an easy to install and use software that manages all this for you with a simple click. You need absolutely no technical knowledge to set up your VPN, if you are using CactusVPN. With 15 servers in 4 countries, you might be a little unsure about how to switch these servers when you wish to switch content. Well, CactusVPN has resolved this issue as well by making server selection equally simple and hassle free.

You will be even happier to know that while these software would work well on Mac and Windows based systems, CactusVPN has now introduced this service on the iOS as well. Once you download the iOS app from the iStore, you can check this set up tutorial and get the security of a VPN on your iOS devices as well. Your CactusVPN account is not limited to any device, so you can use the same account on multiple devices and that too simultaneously, as long as they are connected to different servers.  In case, you have any questions, you can simply open a ticket with the support team and they will be happy to help you out.

If you have been thinking about getting CactusVPN for your devices, you can get started by visiting their website. If you are still a little unsure, why not sign up for a 7-day free trial account and if you really like the service, there is special 30% discount coming up between the 1st and 5th of March to mark CactusVPN’s third anniversary. So, why not get a VPN to secure your internet connection and enjoy content from the best sites around the world!

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