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How Tech Could Revive, Rather Than Undermine, Print Marketing

You’ve probably heard, or read, it many times before: “Print is dead.” It’s hard not to simply assume so. In the US alone, the newspaper industry shrank by roughly $4.5 billion from 2011 to 2018, as Reuters Community points out – and many of us are accustomed to a digitised world.

However, does it necessarily follow that print marketing is destined to trickle to zero? Not quite. Here are several reasons why tech could actually lead this supposedly outdated marketing to thrive.

Print isn’t dead – it’s simply digitalising

The digital revolution has even reached the print world, thanks to the introduction of – wait for it – digital printing. As an industry, digital printing is tipped to reach £266 billion in value by 2024, reports Marketing Tech News – and the reason why is its accessibility.

This modern form of printing allows marketers to conduct small, targeted print runs on demand – a far cry from when marketing materials could only be printed cost-effectively in large quantities.

Print works – the figures say so

According to research, only 45% of consumers act on emails immediately, while just 0.12% respond to them. This is pretty understandable when you consider how easily an email can vanish from an inbox with just a brief tap of a delete button. However, it’s a very different situation with direct mail.

Statistics reveal that 79% of consumers will check out direct mail as soon as they see it, while the response rate here is 4.4%. It’s hard to argue with the promise of these numbers.

Technology enables companies to print materials when they need them

Long gone are the days where, when printing out a run of promotional supplies, a company would feel the need to include a few extras “just in case”. Now, it’s possible to print out publicity material even for an event as soon as three days’ time.

This is especially applicable in the case of those companies which print in-house rather than outsource their printing. Therefore, it’s easy to argue the case for a business purchasing a printing machine from a specialist purveyor like Duplo International.

Cloud tech means printing can happen here, there and everywhere

When the cloud – by its very nature – is everywhere, so can printing. Today, the ‘print cloud’ exists, comprising a network of print houses connected via cloud platforms. It’s very much the sharing economy, print-style – and means that materials can be printed near where they are required.

Therefore, companies are better positioned to save time, money and emissions transporting physical marketing materials, which can be put into action within days instead of weeks.

Gen Z takes a positive view of print

Perhaps surprisingly, the generation weaned on Google, social media and smartphones are also one strongly drawn to print. This is largely because it provides them with a welcome distraction from the noise of digital media, the reputation of which has been tarnished by “fake news”.

These consumers know that information on digital platforms can often be rushed to publication – unlike in print, where fact-checking holds more sway.

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