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How a Managed Print Service Could Help Out Your Office

While the cost of hardware continues to lower as technology improves, you might think the operating overhead involved in running a company would be going down with time. Unfortunately, the use of simple supplies such as ink and paper continues to increase–and those supplies have not seen a reduction in price.

When considering adding a new scanner, copier or printer to your current office, have you given thought to using a managed print service to help you put a brake on seemingly simple operational costs? It might surprise you how much it could save you in manpower, supplies, hardware and even time.

Review Actual Operational Use of Printed Material

If you have been adding a printer for each office within your growing company, you might be wasting hardware and supplies. If you contact a managed print service provider and complete an audit, you may discover that departments are printing emails and documents that could be just as easily shared electronically. Other areas of the operation might have printers or copiers growing dust as all their work is completed and stored on the network. Another printer might be producing a single vital report once a day and left dormant the rest of the time. Are ink cartridges being replaced because they dry out, instead of being used completely? There might be several options for reducing the cost of ink and paper in your company.

Sharing Electronic Documentation Is Easy

The use of the company network and possible upgrades will be part of integrating managed printing. Those employees that are now working from home, are they printing out reams of documentation because they are unable to reach the work from their home laptop? Adding a shareable cloud to your network could improve overall productivity by lowering the number of pages that will be printed and recycled while logging changes and saving various versions of projects in process.

Encouraging staff to leave emails on their machines vs. creating a hard copy can reduce wasted output significantly. Adding scanners to the network instead of making copies can provide the same information to multiple locations without adding yet another piece of paper to the recycle bin.

Reduce the Number of Printers Needed Without Affecting Productivity

For the office that is being taken over by stacks of printers, scanners, and copiers, it all can be cleaned up with the judicious integration of multi-function units connected to the network. Updated technology permits printers to collate and bind with the touch of a button located on the other end of the building. Scanners can create editable documents on your word processor which can be changed in the digital world and finalised before being printed for a presentation. Whether you are looking for a space-saving multifunction printer for a small business or a big one, modern printers are designed to save space and be more efficient. They come in a variety of sizes and can print, scan, copy, and fax. Thus, making it perfect for businesses that have limited space or need to save on printing costs. When shopping for a multifunction printer for your business, it is important to consider the features that are most important to you and your business. Carefully chosen printers are a great investment for businesses that want to save time and money by reducing printing costs and boosting productivity for a more efficient workflow. High-capacity printers are able to queue multiple jobs, opening up desk space when the antiquated desktop printer is retired in favour of connecting to the network.

Lower Downtime with Automatic Supply Orders

Monitoring services are also available with a quality managed print service.  Ink and toner levels are tracked at a remote location and the correct cartridge is delivered to your office before the well runs dry. Should there be a fatal error, maintenance services can be dispatched before you are aware there was even a problem. Replacement printers are provided as part of your maintenance fee, lowering downtime while you wait for a new printer to be ordered. Your office manager will be free to pursue more pertinent work instead of chasing down an errant toner cartridge or placing a service call for the copier once again.

Finally, you will be helping your planet by reducing the amount of paper being introduced into landfills.  Even if you are actively recycling, every ton of paper being picked up costs you money that is simply waste. Even the number of electronics being thrown away is lowered. All in all, a managed print service saves you more than a little money. It’s helping you run a better business.

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