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How Much Does Enterprise App Development Cost?

People now use apps for almost everything, from watching any latest show to playing games, interacting with family/friends, or online shopping. According to Statista, the revenue of mobile apps will reach $613 billion by 2025. So, if you want to upscale your business and reach your targeted audience, developing a mobile app is the right thing to do.

The increasing popularity of mobile apps has led business owners to invest in the Best enterprise app development company to turn their app idea into reality. The primary concern of every business owner is the cost of developing an enterprise app.

The blog discusses the different factors that will determine the cost of enterprise app development.

Factors Affecting the Enterprise App Development Cost

App Feature Complexity

The app feature complexity is the first factor that affects the enterprise app development cost. To deliver a smooth user experience, you must integrate advanced features, like offline mode, geolocation, data encryption, or payment integration.

And these factors might increase the cost of your enterprise app development. For instance, if you want basic features in your app, it might cost you more than $5k, whereas adding advanced features costs over $10k.

Create an Interactive App Design

Creating an interactive app design is necessary as it will attract the targeted audience to your app. As a result, the cost of developing an enterprise app will change, and customized app design will be comparatively expensive as it will be built from scratch.

Also, maintain the simplicity of the app’s user interface to give users a pleasing experience. The estimated cost of designing an enterprise app costs more than $20k.

App Category

The type of mobile app you will develop can also vary the cost of building an enterprise app as each mobile app is integrated with unique features & functionalities.

For instance, the enterprise app is completely different from eCommerce or an eCommerce app. You can avail of the enterprise app development services to build the app as per your business requirements.

You can ask app professionals to integrate significant features, like push notifications, chat support, etc.

Native vs. Cross-Platform

The platform you choose for your mobile app development is also a cost-affecting factor. Suppose you have picked a native app development platform for iOS; it might cost you around $100,000. Native app development platform comes with top-notch security with better scalability.

Cross-platform, on the other hand, will save you money as it has a code reusability feature that saves both time & money.

Maintenance & Support

You are wrong if you think your job will be done after building an enterprise mobile app. App development is a continuous process where you must ensure that your app has fewer bugs, runs smoothly, and delivers a flawless user experience.

Timely maintenance of your enterprise mobile app is necessary as it will keep your potential users hooked to your app for a longer time. The average cost of post-app launch maintenance & support services is more than $10k.


In a nutshell, there is no definite cost to develop an enterprise mobile app as it is based on various factors mentioned above. The more complex features you add, the more money you need to spend; however, it will be worth the investment.

You can even get a no-obligation consultation from us for more detailed information.

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