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How to Find a Successful Startup Idea

If you know how to create a successful business but can’t come up with a brilliant idea, this article will give you thoughts for a promising start. 

Creating a new business is not a magical rite, which is beyond the power of an ordinary person. The success of any business lies in long and fruitful work.

People who have decided to start their projects face the problem of finding an idea. The market seems oversaturated, and it is impossible to find a profitable niche. Audiences will accept your idea if it can solve their problem. No one knows 100% whether customers will like your product. So business people test their assumptions in practice: interviewing customers, creating a minimally viable product, or testing concepts on people they know.

If you know how to create a successful business but can’t come up with a brilliant idea, this article will give you thoughts for a promising start.

Why the Market Waits for New Ideas

According to Embroker, 90% of startups fail in their first year of operation. It happens for several reasons:

  • Improper Planning;
  • Lack of Funding;
  • Uncompetitiveness;
  • Product Uselessness;
  • Inability to Interact with the customer;
  • Unadjusted Sales chain.

Thus, the market is always ready to meet new businesses but leaves only those who are competent in their approach.

As most startups go out of the way, the leaders remain large companies focused on their niche. People always want something new, so they wait for new trend ideas and are willing to support them. If you find your purpose and show your advantages to the audience, it will be easier to stay afloat.

To find your startup idea and not make a mistake, you have to do a lot of work with analysis and tests. Make your business concept plan, and rest assured that discovering a brilliant business idea will be easy.

Ways to Find a Startup Idea

It is challenging to quickly find a business idea that will be accepted by the audience and will be profitable. To not doubt the choice and to predict the result already at the concept creation stage, it is necessary to follow the ways that will lead you to the best solution.

Your Preferences Analyzing

We see disappointing statistics of startup failures because young entrepreneurs create products based only on market trends. They may not even be interested in their project, but profit becomes more important than their desires.

When generating a business idea, you should consider your preferences and hobbies. Ask yourself what interests you most and what you are willing to do for a lifetime. Perhaps it’s creating designs, developing game apps, or marketing. Your business idea should share your values and make you feel good when you work.

Make a list of your hobbies and passions, and then develop a plan to monetize each item. Choose the ideas you think will make a big profit and continue growing the business concept based on your preferences.

Audience Requests

Every company exists at the expense of its customers. Therefore, your startup is sure to be successful if, when developing it, you consider your audience’s needs.

When working with this item, you need to decide who exactly is your potential customer. To do this, experts recommend analyzing the market and creating a buyer portrait. Your potential client will have unique preferences that your business should provide them with. It could be eco-friendly packaging, a trial period of use, 24-hour support, or free offerings. You need to close the customer’s pains and make them choose you. Don’t be afraid to ask your audience what they lack in existing products and what features they want to see in a new solution.

Creation Terms

An important point that many people miss when developing an idea is the startup timing. Each business owner has their work vision and the term by which it should be done.

Sometimes it is necessary to get a result as quickly as possible and experienced entrepreneurs develop a project in a short time frame. For example, the Ukrainian IT company Powercode created an online supermarket in 14 days.

If you have time constraints, you need to settle on an idea that can be implemented quickly. You should look at the online market, where you can start a business using only a website or a mobile app.

If your idea covers the offline space, the timeline may increase. The main thing is maintaining quality and creating the most customer-friendly product possible. So immediately determine your time frame and settle on an idea that suits them.

Future Prediction

For your idea to accurately get the audience’s interest, you need to make educated guesses about how the market will develop in some time. Turn to the past and look at how trends changed at the time and what has survived to the present day.

We can already see that digital technology is a popular direction that does not stop growing. FirstSiteGuide says that 70% of small-to-mid-sized businesses invest more in their digital presence. Since people have been shopping online more frequently since the Covid 19 pandemic, many companies have gone digital and created apps for customer communication and sales. With the latest solutions, you can create a unique product in the online space and attract customers worldwide.

Existing Products Improving

When developing an idea, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Many products on the market right now can be upgraded or improved. That doesn’t mean you have to plagiarize an existing concept — you will create your unique project using current references.

You can also take ideas from startups that have failed and closed down. In that case, you need to seriously analyze their mistakes and develop a repeat product that will accommodate new technology and pitch.

Don’t be afraid to enter an oversaturated niche if you know you have something to offer the customer. Find the difference from your competitors and present it as an advantage. You will get sales and scale if you solve the customer’s pain.

The Best Ideas Are Before You

Business ideas surround you throughout life. It can be social media, your favorite books, a gym, or a restaurant near your home. You need to see the world from a different angle and start noticing the opportunities around you.

Ambitious people continue to bring innovation to a business world seemingly overwhelmed by existing products. Society expects you to come up with new ideas to make their lives even more accessible and more comfortable.

Think about the challenges people and you face every day. Now solve them with your product. Try to stand out from the masses and find a revolutionary idea that the world has not yet seen. Or come up with a new product concept that people already use.

Once you start looking for the best startup idea, it will find you. Join forces with professionals and make your way to the top of your industry!

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Chief Customer Officer at Powercode. Mykola is accountable for digital strategy development and implementation. He is skilled in business and startup development and has more than 20 years of experience in commerce. He knows how to build a business from scratch and lead it to success.

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