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How Hidden Cameras Can Help Improve Your Business Operations

‘Your business is only as good as your worst employee.’ While businesses across all industries rely on the skill, training, and customer service of their employees, poorly trained and inefficient employees can help lead a business to its demise. Your business simply cannot afford to lose money from slow productivity, bad customer service, or theft. Since you cannot personally watch the habits of each employee, hidden cameras are the perfect way to keep a discrete eye on them when you can’t be there. Cameras, when strategically placed in the right areas of the office, can lend a host of invaluable information about the operation of your business.  Here are just some of the benefits of installing hidden cams within your office or workspace.

You can pinpoint issues in productivity

Businesses want to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency in all they do; however, you don’t know if someone is ‘sitting down on the job’ while you’re not at work to monitor them. By installing a camera, you can watch to ensure your employees are executing the proper techniques and methods while working. Those who are slowing productivity in the office can then be approached about their work habits. You can even show them the inappropriate behavior that has taken place.

They can be used as a training tool

Whether good or bad, you can record various scenarios, and use them as part of your employee training.

Stop employee theft

In many industries, business owners rely on employee honesty during daily transactions. If someone is stealing money from the company, it may be hard to catch them without the use of an office hidden camera. Employees who are stealing money or products can be very good at what they do, and many know ways to hide their crime by adjusting sales and numbers. By identifying the behavior on camera, you can put an end to the theft once and for all. You even have live footage to use against the employee in the case of a law suit.

Improve customer service

In retail businesses, where employees directly interact with customers, it is essential that they have exceptional customer service if you want to develop and grow your company. Customers simply won’t shop at a place where they are treated rudely and not given the customer service they deserve. While your employees may act nice to customers while you are there, you don’t know how your customers are being treated when you leave.  A hidden camera can identify employees who are consistently supplying great customer service as well as those who may need some help.

Identify employee interaction

A hidden camera can spot inappropriate behavior toward another employee or a customer. If harassment is occurring, you can easily spot it and remedy the problem.  You can also tell if a worker is not using products or equipment properly. By assessing the situation, you may determine that further training is needed.  All of these things you simply wouldn’t know if you didn’t have a secret camera hidden within the workplace.

Whether you believe your company is operating efficiently, or you think that there are things needing improvement, it is a good idea to install a camera.  You may just find out things aren’t working as smoothly as you perceived, and save your business from a critical loss.

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This is a guest post by Laura Russell, a guest writer from Brickhousesecurity. It is a site that offers home security solutions with their highly trusted hidden cameras. They also offer GPS tracking, hidden cameras and PC monitoring assistance.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Susan

    May 28, 2013 at 6:42 am

    I totally agree with this article! I have recently installed hidden cameras in our store, it allows me to monitor the happening in my store even if I’m not around.

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