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How Businesses Can Fine Tune Their Online Presence

Building a business from the ground up is a goal that few people can achieve. Though there are many ways to achieve that goal, most business owners today would agree that their online presence had a lot to do with the current success of their business.


Building an online presence may seem simple, but maintaining it and keeping people interested is another issue. Keeping online business tools that people will want to keep using today and in the future is crucial. Here are some ways businesses can fine tune their online presence to build their business.

Develop a better mobile app

In addition to a great website, every business today needs a great mobile app. It is important for every business to develop the right mobile app for their business based on their mission and their traditional customer. For example, an app that is complicated to use would not work well for a business who works mostly with elderly customers. Fixing these issues is the first step to a better online presence.

Make the mobile app stand out

Once the mobile app is corrected for the business, it is essential to make that app stand out from all the rest like it. This will help the business get recognized by more people and help customers easily find the app in the market. A few ways to make an app unique are to add a social media aspect and keep it within a certain niche.

Track how well current methods are working

There are a lot of tools that allow anyone to easily track how well a website, content page or even keyword is doing by seeing how many people visited that item and how often that visit lead to longer time on the business’s web pages. Google Analytics is the tool that business owners most often use to define how well their online presence is and figure out in which specific areas they might be struggling.

Target efforts in the right direction

One common mistake that a lot of people make in marketing is targeting the wrong group or being too broad with their scope of marketing. These mistakes can not only be costly, but they can also damage the online reputation a business has. It is important for any business to get to know their customers as best they can to ensure that their marketing efforts will not be in vein.

Put time into social media

Social media is the new frontier for all business marketing. Everyone can see that social media offers a unique value in any marketing campaign that cannot be replicated in any other online medium. Every business should know how to best use social media to build relationships with customers and keep them engaged in what the business is doing. This can easily be done by keeping all social media pages up to date and posting to each page on a regular basis, at least once a week.

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Jessica Socheski is a a freelance writer and tech enthusiast who frequently researches and writes about technology news. She also edits for The Teaching Box and can be found on Twitter.

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1 Comment

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