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Building from the Ground Up: Tips for Startups in the Recruiting Process

Anyone starting a new business can attest that it is one of the most difficult career paths a person can choose. Starting a new business involves a lot of work, dedication, and motivation in order to succeed. Additionally, many entrepreneurs feel like they have no support in the beginning stages.


These are just a few of the reasons why it is essential to create the perfect team to work with right away. Finding the right people can be difficult for a startup, not only because of available funds, but also because of the sporadic nature of a new business. Here are some tips for startups in the recruiting process.

Use the help of a mobile app

Entrepreneurs can benefit in a lot of ways from mobile apps. Many people may not realize, but good mobile apps can actually help them find the right employees for their new company. In some cases, entrepreneurs may even choose to develop a mobile app for the business in order to make the recruiting process easier.

Determine the culture of the business

Businesses can vary a lot, especially new businesses who are trying to do something different and original. It is important for an entrepreneur to determine what they want the day to day culture of their new business to be before they begin hiring. This can help them choose people who fit within this mold and work well together.

Start with the personal network

When starting from scratch, most people will go into their personal networks first to find the right people to partner with for their new business. This may seem like the only option, but this can actually be a great way to start out. Working through their personal network allows people to find others who have similar ideas and visions for the future.

Try to make a complete team

One thing that business owners commonly overlook in early hiring stages is filling all of the gaps they need to run the business. For example, a business owner who loves to work with people may hire a lot of great public relations and communications people, but will neglect to hire a good accounting staff. It is essential to make sure every aspect is covered.

Make sure employees know what they are signing up for

Working for a startup is unlike many other careers that a person could choose. It is important for entrepreneurs to make sure that whoever they recruit or interview knows what the daily workplace will be like. It may mean working 9 to 5 one day and 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. the next. Every employee should commit to this lifestyle before accepting the job.

Keep everyone organize with practical technology

Once the right team is assembled, it is a good idea for business owners to implement a system for keeping everyone connected and organized, even if they are not working in the same room. There are a lot of mobile apps for organization that business owners can use to keep everyone on the same page throughout the fast and drastic changes of the new business.

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