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Expert Approach to Migrate From Lotus Notes to Word

Do you feel the need to migrate your Lotus Notes files to MS Word? If yes, then this post is sure to prove helpful to you. Before switching over to the requisites and techniques of migrating from Lotus Notes to Word, let us get an overview about Lotus Notes. Introduced by IBM, Lotus Notes is a database system with a strong client server architecture that efficiently imparts business collaborative functionalities such as emailing, calendaring, contact management, to name a few. It works effectively with the Domino Server and saves the complete database with .nsf file extension.

Obligations Trending Lotus Notes to Word Migration:

There are a number of obligatory situations that may lead a Notes user or an organization as a whole to migrate the Notes data to MS Word.

  • Migrating To A Different Platform: This implies that the Notes user is willing to transfer the Lotus Notes data into a file format that is much more compatible to be incorporated on a cross platform with multiple programs such as MS Sharepoint.
  • Creating Backup For Data Files: Owing to the dependency on Domino Server, the Lotus Notes database is not immune to losses or manipulation. Hence, a majority of users are opting to backup their important Notes data files into a file format that is extremely secure.

Manually Migrate Data Files from Lotus Notes to Word:

There is no effective methodical procedure to migrate the Lotus Notes data files to MS Word. However, if your Lotus Notes document files use formatted rich text significantly, then one viable method is to export the Lotus Notes data to rich text format (RTF). The manual export option is available only at the Lotus Notes user interface.

All you have to do is follow the given steps:

  • Open the Lotus Notes document.
  • Go to File tab.
  • Under Export option, change the Save As Type to RTF.

This Lotus Notes to RTF manual procedure is applicable for export of a few hundreds of documents; anything over that is not realistic. The resulting RTF files can be opened with MS Word directly with very high constancy of rich text format.

However, if the above mentioned procedure is not applicable, then the other option you are left with is to copy the data in Lotus Notes data files, such as email messages and paste them to the MS Word document. This manual method though may seem simple to achieve, is extremely tedious and time consuming.

Unparalleled Technique for Lotus Notes to Word Migration:

The prime concerns while migrating the Lotus Notes data files to MS Word are retaining the fidelity of the data, dealing with the issues of attachments contained in Notes, issue that different layouts may be used for documents in Lotus Notes database. The manual procedures to migrate Lotus Notes data to MS Word are not reliable and do not ensure hundred percent results. Hence, it is suggested to deploy a third party utility for the same. So Lotus Notes to Word Converter is the suggested tool to scan, recover and convert Lotus Notes emails from .nsf file of any size to MS Word (.doc) file. The converter promises to keep the original formatting and Meta data of the emails being converted to Word file, intact.

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