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Guide for Mountain Biking Essentials

The need for mountain biking essentials

Mountain biking refers to riding bicycles off-road. Usually, the area where the riding takes place is a rough and uneven surface. People often make use of bicycles specifically meant for the sport. The specially designed mountain bike enhances the safety, durability, and performance of riding on the rough terrains. If you are taken aback by this thrilling ride and would like to go on a mountain biking trip then we have a guide for mountain biking essentials. Keep reading if you want to know it all!

Essentials needed for a mountain biking trip

All set to pack your bags and go biking on the rough terrains of the world? Whether you go riding in New Zealand or Norway. You will need these essentials whenever you go riding!

1) High power lights- Carry high power lights for nights when you have no lights on the terrain. Your LED’s will guide you!

2) Shoes- Buy shoes similar to hiking shoes with super solid grips. Do not opt for flat grip shoes, regret is written in your destiny if you opt for them.

3) Bottles- any physical task leads to dehydration so staying hydrated is the key for better biking! From simple bottles to a variety of tube bottles, buy any and keep it filled and keep yourself hydrated and fresh. You really need it.

4) Glasses- you could buy glasses with yellow lenses for cloudy days or shaded ones for those sunny days. Glasses will basically protect the eyes from all the dust and debris that can get inside while taking the ride. Most downhill riders and free riders too get their hands on goggles as the first measure of protecting their eyes.

5) GPS well obviously for tracking trails and finding your way out of a shady forest, if you get in one!

6) Co2 Inflator- Your tire can go out any time. Carry an inflator with you with an extra cartridge to inflate your tubeless tire anywhere on the way when required.

7) Tools- keep basic bike tools handy as you may need them in case of mechanical problem in between you ride. Also, don’t forget to carry extra bike tubes with you.

8) Clothing- comfortable clothing with protective gear on it which can keep you safe from falls. Your clothing type also depends highly on the type of biking you are going for. For example, cross-country bikers wear a tight jersey with Lycra shorts because of increased comfort and efficiency. Downhill riders tend to wear heavy clothing, mostly moto-cross style trousers t0 have more protection during falls

Body Protection Gear: a mountain biking essential

You also need to wear full protective gear in order to keep yourself from any unforeseen incidence. Majority of the riders wear varied types of safety gears which are usually chosen after keeping in mind the speed, conditions, weather, trail, fitness, and experience. Protection is essentially needed in crash-prone areas.

1) Body armors and pads- you need to protect those limbs of yours! Armor sure sounds like you are going to war but still, it’s mandatory even if it makes you look like a warrior. Well not really these are the very normal type of armours which hardly look any different from your clothing and they easily camouflage with the rest of your attire without making you look any different but they offer you protection without which, god forbid, if you end up in an accident your poor limps would be in a pity state! You can choose from a variety of armors, but of course, depending on your biking style! You can get simple neoprene sleeves that are meant for protection of your elbows and knees. Or you could vouch for a complex combination of hard plastic shells and stuff that cover and protect the entire body! Companies in the market these days are providing full body suits as armor for offering more protection

2) Helmets- Obviously for head protection! It is universally recommended and needed by all bike riders and one of the most important in our list of mountain biking essentials. There is a variety of types of helmets as well depending on the type of biking again. Basically, have 3 types of helmets, which are, cross country, rounded skateboarder style, and full face.

Helmets used in Cross country riding are lightweight and airy more comfortable to wear for longer trips and are meant for hot weathers. Skateboarding helmets are comparatively less expensive and have little to no protection as such. They just protect from minor scrapes and cuts. They are heavy and suffocated. Full face helmets are the best in providing high protection level. They come with a jaw guard for added protection to the face. Weight is obviously an issue with this helmet and the only drawback. But safety comes first, always, no matter what!

3) Gloves- are one of the must-have. Other than saving you from getting cuts on your hand if you fall they offer protection from having sores on the hands due to prolonged riding and friction. It also protects the hand from abrasion through the rough surface. Armouring the knuckles and fingers get critically important in extreme situations and types of biking!

Risks if mountain biking essentials are not used

Any type of biking style you choose from, you need to make sure you have the mountain biking essentials as the risks are great and can lead to extreme damage. Biking requires a great amount of physical strength and greater technical skills, lack of which can lead to serious injuries and even death. Injuries carry from minor cuts and abrasions from falling on the gravel to intense injuries like broken bones and limbs. Head and spine injuries are very common while riding unsafely.

How to reduce the risk

To reduce the risk of injuries rider must ensure proper armors and protection. Mountain biking essentials should be carried all the time along with a small first aid kit.

The rider should also take less risky trails which fall within their level of experience. Before diving head straight into dangerous paths and trails, riders should make sure they have enough practice and skills to tackle obstacles in the terrain.

Riding these mountain bikes can be really fun and an adventure but make sure you don’t ignore your safety and keep in mind all these mountain biking essentials before you head out for a wonderful experience.

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1 Comment

  1. Mira Edorra

    January 14, 2020 at 7:30 pm

    Great article! comfortable clothing with protective gear on it which can keep you safe from falls. Your clothing type also depends highly on the type of biking you are going for.

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