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Go for premium plugins and boost social traffic for your WordPress website

Ask any successful WordPress website owner and they will tell you how important it is to integrate social media channels in your website. No blogging website is complete without having employed socials. Integrating social media is the best way to boost your website traffic and increase the chance of getting recognized on a grand level. It also increases conversion potential of your WordPress website by spreading the word about what you are into and what all your offerings are.

Whether you run a basic blog or a corporate multinational, you really need your viewers to hit like and promote your blogging services or digital marketing business. There are many WordPress plugins that support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to enhance your online presence.

Now the problem while selecting the finest social plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory would be a grueling job. Many gratuitous plugins are not regularly updated or don’t provide enough support at the time of need. This is why premium plugins are among the most trusted by WordPress developers and companies as you get the kind of features, options and services that you can’t enjoy from free plugins.

So here are the most fascinating plugins that can electrify your WordPress web experience with increased social media shares.

Social Marketing

This plugin is a competitive one that helps you create an ad for your WordPress website. This special ad is visible to your web visitors only when they share your site on social channels. The simplicity and ease provided by this plugin is comparable with the way you publish a post online. Choose your settings and create an ad and you are set free.

When you install a plugin, you get to view the dashboard where you get the outline of the three steps it takes to place an ad. The settings are easy to understand and get you on with social ads with little hassle.

Floating social

Having social media buttons scrollable on your page is the main attraction of this plugin. You can also decide the position of post depending on your personal requirement. Buttons remain visible to readers during the time visitors stay on your page.

There is not much configuration process. Choose your background color and add your favorite social media sites, and follow small steps of additional settings, and it is good to go.

Here along with simple settings, you also get to explore the facility of advanced settings to enhance the effect further. As a result, you will have social media buttons that look good and feel smooth.

The Google+ plugin

This plugin allows you to place sharing buttons to your posts and pages, which can be tracked through Google analytics. You can also tweak global setting according to your needs on every post.

You can even post content on your site using Google+. Shortcodes that come with this plugin help you to customize the style of your Google+ posts feed and button indicating plus one, all matching your specific requirements.

You get all the Instructions on the settings page itself, but in the moment of help, WordPress development specialists can be of great favor.

Ultimate Facebook

As the name hints, this plugin accommodates the complete set of Facebook integration options. From Like button, sharing, comments and log in with user’s personal Facebook account, you will have it all solved.

Your visitors will find it pleasant to interact with your site without a need to sign up for another social account. This plugin is one stop destination that also takes care of enriching user experience and their resultant engagement.

Since you are required to set up a Facebook application, you have to play with settings a little, making it a little tricky business. Here the pro is that all the steps are explained; you just have to follow them in its mentioned order. At the time you face a problem with anything regarding this plugin installation and configuration; you can rest in knowledge that there is always a support team to lighten the whole journey.

Google Analytics +

If you want to check your progress and statistics, you won’t have to undergo shuffling between sites. You get all the updates and stats right in the WordPress admin dashboard.

You can even take a look of all the details for one or multisite network in a way that is appealing and fairly spectacular. If you are worried about installing this plugin, you got the reason to feel at ease. The plugin whisks away all your jitters and offers you great relaxing moments.

You can have all the information on your site success. Get all the stats about relevant traffic to check the level of popularity your website has successfully gained.

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