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GetResponse vs. Aweber: A Review of Top Email Marketing Tools

In spite of recent advances in digital marketing technology, email marketing remains ever so important. Indeed many companies have found that they can make their businesses grow bigger, better and faster by staying in contact with their prospects and existing customers via email.

email marketing

As a powerful tool, email marketing offers useful ways to increase sales, profits and leads thereby making emails an important customer touchpoint. This article will therefore examine two of the most popular email marketing tools available on the Internet namely AWeber and GetResponse. Both these software have been at the forefront of recent technological advancements in these circles.


AWeber provides a web-based email marketing solution that powers the electronic mail newsletters of more than 120,000 companies, bloggers, and entrepreneurs all over the world. Founded in 1998, the privately owned company is headquartered in Chalfont, Pa, U.S.A.


Main Features

Some of the main features of AWeber email marketing are as follows.

Content Filter: through its default content filtering tools and anti-spam policy, AWeber ensures reliable email delivery to reach the subscriber’s mailbox.

Subscriber Tracking and Segmentation: managing, collecting and targeting subscribers can be carried out easily through AWeber’s tracking, segmentation and second-party integration.

Performance tracking: enables users to maintain a complete view of email campaigns.

Responsive Email Templates: a choice of over 700 responsive HTML email templates to choose from accompanied by easy to use drag-and-drop editor or form designer, animation and effects.

Mobile Apps: AWeber’s Stats and Atom Apps help users check email stats anytime, anywhere and grow their subscriber list respectively.

Third-Party Integrations: when it comes to list building, AWeber can integrate with other online tools thereby making the entire process easier.


AWeber’s pricing structure is based on the number of subscribers on an email list rather than the number of emails sent on a monthly basis. That means that users can send as many messages to each subscriber as they like. However, prices typically start at $19 per month (for lists of up to 500 subscribers) and scales cost-effectively as the subscribers’ list grows.

Getting Started

Setting up AWeber is quite a straightforward process. You only have to visit the AWeber website and click to order or sign up. New users are automatically given their first month free for only $1.

Customer Service

Good customer service is very important to any business. Therefore, with AWeber’s Knowledge Base, users can get the necessary assistance needed to manage their account. In addition to the Knowledge Base, they have a team of customer service agents who can also answer your questions. In all Live support, Knowledge base, free live webinars, and blog articles are all avenues made available for client support.


GetResponse provides email-marketing services to more than 350,000 users in 19 languages and 182 countries across the globe. The company was launched in 1998 and now operates with offices in the United States, Canada, Russia and Poland.


Main Features

The main features of GetResponse include the following.

Responsive Drag-and-Drop Email Creator: GetResponse email creator comes in up to 500 professional templates that possess numerous editing options to create beautiful email newsletters that look great on computer and mobile devices.

Landing Page Creator: as a £12 add-on, GetResponse Landing Page Creator, makes it possible to create, publish, and host good looking landing pages in minutes. In addition, it comes with over 100 responsive templates with more than 1,000 iStock images.

Inbox Preview: the Inbox Preview function allow users to preview recipients’ mailboxes such as Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail so as to make sure all newsletter elements render appropriately.

Version Testing: users can carry out A/B testing of up to 5 versions of their emails to analyse, optimise and test any element of their message to run more effective campaigns.

Mobile Apps: GetResponse mobile apps can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices so that users can manage their accounts on the go.

Email Intelligence and Deliverability: the email system is designed to make tracking and analysis such as follow-up comparisons, conversion measurement and segmenting subscribers easier. This is accompanied by high delivery rates of up to 99% due to GetResponse anti-spam system.

Customer Service

GetResponse Learning Centre has hundreds of free and helpful videos and tens of downloadable guides to help users get started.


GetResponse package prices begin at £10 per month (with up to 1,000 subscribers) although there is currently an 18% annual discount that works out as £8.20 for the cheapest package.

Getting Started

Getting started with GetResponse is very easy. Users can begin with a free 30-days no obligations trial.


Although both AWeber and GetResponse offer a lot of useful and important tools for email marketers, what really makes GetResponse stand out and perhaps explains its popularity is its simplicity and ease of use. It’s functionality and user interface are built in such a way that it is simple enough for beginners whilst possessing advanced options for professionals.

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1 Comment

  1. Niraj

    July 22, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    Excellent review, guys. Certainly an extensive one, offers a good comparison of both the tools on all the important aspects. Thanks, Niraj (Founder at

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