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How to Set Up Home Entertainment Surround Sound

surround sound

Surround sound is one of the best features of an entertainment system, but it has to be set up meticulously in order for the sound to come out right. Therefore, this article presents a step by step guide to setting up perfect surround sound for your home entertainment center.

  1. Do not skip any steps. Our process starts before you leave the store, in fact, it starts before you even make your purchase. Use the leverage of your potential purchase to ensure information and assistance with installation as a condition of your purchase.
  2. Take note of the set up at the store. Take pictures of the hook up at the store. A simple switch of cables could still allow your television to work, but will not produce the best picture and sound. Make note of all the cables and they types and brands of cables that they used.
  3. Ask for Installation Advice. There is nothing wrong with asking specific questions about how you would install your television and the surround sound system. If they want to sell you the system, then they will help answer your questions. Be sure to ask if any special tools will be needed to set up the particular system you are purchasing.
  4. Purchase the Best Cables for the Job. Cables that are used to hook up the sound and picture are very important. Selby Acoustics cables will help you get the best picture and the best sound. There are audio cables, video, cables, and speaker cables. Do not try to get away with buying the least expensive cables available. The right cables really make a difference and you get what you pay for.
  5. Read the Instructions. We know that no one likes to read the instructions. The only thing worse than reading the instruction though is having a beautiful surround sound system that does not sound or look right.
  6. Inventory all Pieces and Parts. The first thing you should do before assembling anything is take an inventory and make sure that you have all of the pieces and parts.
  7. Television Mounting. If you are wall mounting your television, be sure to use all safety precautions. Depending on the size and weight of your television, you might need some assistance lifting it. Do not forget to use a level to make sure that the television is mounted evenly.
  8. Connect All Cables and Wires. This is where something can often go wrong, so pay special attention to the instructions, diagrams, and refer back to your picture from the store.
  9. Placement of the Speakers. Placement of the speakers is a very important factor in making sure that the sound does surround you. Now that wireless speakers are available, it makes placing the speakers where you want them much easier without having to worry about where the wires connect or visible wires being an unsightly hazard either.
  10. Test all Components. Once the whole surround sound system is set up, be sure to test all the components you have. Make sure that your television, cable or satellite is working along with your DVR, DVD player, internet connection, and game consoles. This will save you time and trouble of finding out that one thing is not hooked up correctly days or weeks later.

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I am author and brand manager for Selby Acoustics, AU's leading HDMI cable supplier. Find me on Facebook and Twitter.

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