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The Coolest Security Solutions For Your Home. Made Easy

Have you ever thought about security solutions for your home or apartment? Are you keeping your home secure offline as well as online? Sometimes it is rally necessary. Did you know that your Wi-Fi router is the first line for hackers to access all your devices? Even if you’re feeling lucky, just have a look at statistics. According to the FBI report, about 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported every year in the United States, and most of them are carefully prepared.

If you still ignore this question, just look at the list of the coolest security solutions for your home and your gadgets. Trust me, this list is as cool as interesting to read.

Secure Your Door with the Smart Locks

You don’t need to worry anymore if you forget to lock the door. Now you can watch the situation via an app on your iPhone, which is connected to the lock. With such smart lock you can open your door via bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, or mobile connection. Besides, you can open the door just by using a customized knock and, of course, the traditional way with the keys is still available. At the same time you will be informed if your door is unlocked by someone else. Here is the one of the smart door locks.

Watch Your Home Remotely

Nowadays not to use live streaming video is a crime. We use high- speed Internet, which is coupled with powerful smartphones such as iPhone. Why not to watch sometimes your home remotely? New kind of hardware and software keeps your home secure with a night-vision camera and sensors for motion, temperature, and air quality. As you understand, you may control your home as much as possible with online notifications in case of burglary. Of course it will be difficult to monitor the house if you have a pet. You have reached an impasse? Check out the full list of the systems here.

Keep Your Mac Safe

When we are talking about your home security, in any way it concerns the security of all hardware stuff that you have at home. Actually, anti-theft technology is the most common application of burglary victims. It is possible to retrieve a lost or stolen laptop with a little luck and the foresight to activate or install an application such as MacKeeper with Anti-Theft feature. This feature will help you locate your missing device. Here is a real-life experience with laptop theft as described by Riccardo O., who lives and works in Brazil, Curitiba, state of Parana:

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My name is Andrew Dufresne. I am focused on technology, hardware and software. I love my MacBook Pro and I like to provide readers with Mac OS X tips and tricks.

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