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Five Reasons You Should Fall In Love with Java

Having celebrated its 24th anniversary in 2019, Java has witnessed constant development in its programming performance for decades. It is one of the most common programming languages around the globe and is intended to keep running on any stage consistently.

Even after 24 years, java is still first choice of developers and programmers around the world.  Why? Let’s discuss:

Why Program in Java?

Ever wondered why developers prefer Java for programming? It’s because java is easy to write and simple to run, which is the core strength of java. Moreover, Code written in java once can be rewritten anytime anywhere. Java is used to create complete applications that operate on a single machine or scattered across clients and servers in a network.

As a result, you can use it to effectively to develop mobile applications or operate on desktop applications that use multiple operating systems and servers, which includes Linux or Windows.

You can do many things with java and you can search libraries that do nearly anything. With Java, there are quality Graphical User Interface systems when compared with default Abstract Window Toolkit and Swing libraries.  Moreover, you can connect to databases using JDBC (Java Database Connectivity).

For some reasons, the developer community is proving to be the power of the language and its platform. A programming language wouldn’t remain if there is no community to support, help and share their experience.

With millions of developers preparing and working on the Java programming language, the community continues to build and encourage.

Why Use Java?

Simple & Easy Syntax Rules

The Java syntax rules are based on the C and C++ syntax. So, the novices find it simple to learn and apply Java within a short time. Java is a class-based, concurrent, and object-oriented programming language at the same time.  Since Java supports object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts which include polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation, and abstraction; it becomes simpler for programmers to create applications which are extensible, modular and scalable.  Moreover, the developers can take benefit of some Java libraries to achieve the object-oriented design principles more effectively.

Option to choose from various IDEs, Library & Framework

The programmers also have the choice to use different frameworks, IDEs, libraries, and development tools for Java. They can take benefits of strong IDEs like Eclipse and Netbeans to write quality and readable Java code. They even have the option of advanced debugging abilities and code completion characteristics offered by the IDEs to make the Java core maintainable.  Similarly, the programmers also have the choice to use an extensive variety of open-source libraries. The programmers can moreover make modern web applications quickly by using strong Java web frameworks like Play, Spark, spring, and Dropwizard. These frameworks, IDEs, libraries and development tools make it simpler for programmers to write various Java applications without putting more time and effort.

Increasing Importance of Java

With the language being as successful as it is, there are tons of sources to learn from. You can instantly find Java Classes if you need to go for offline training as well as online resources are also convenient if you want to opt for self-study.

Technology is improving at an unbelievable rate, meaning there are lots of upcoming job openings and developers who have a solid knowledge of Java are in great demand. With an existing base already, the Java programming language remains to generate many jobs in the tech industry.

Java is an all-around universal programming language. Due to its solidity and scalability, Java is found on mobiles, desktops, and large-scale enterprise servers and applications.

Online forums, such as Stack Overflow, consist of Java developer specialists who are ready to help newcomers.

Java is more regularly used in your daily life than you might think. It is used on popular websites you might often use such as Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon and eBay. Additionally, Java has a strong development roadmap with endless progress in safety and performance.

Facilitates the installation of Real-Time Software

The adaption speed of real-time software has been growing consistently. Unlike traditional software applications, real-time applications are needed to provide information within the quickest amount of time. Currently, real-time software applications are being used by automobiles, mobile devices, medical devices, and factories. Oracle has introduced numerous features in Java SE to promote the growth of real-time software. The APIs offered by Java SE makes it simple for developers to implement real-time applications effectively and smoothly.  Numerous programmers will use Java SE in the future for improving real-time software that is compatible with multiple devices and can be integrated effortlessly with third-party applications and components.

Supports Embedded Programming & Devices

Java as formerly designed for embedded programming. But several developers prefer C and Python over Java while improving embedded applications for systems with compelled memory. They now have the alternative to get the advantage of the Java ME Platform to regular runtime environment for developing a variety of embedded application. In addition to adding built-in network protocols, strong security, and an adjustable user interface, the micro edition of the Java Platform also supports a wide diversity of mobile and embedded devices.

Supports Internet of Things

Java currently supports the Internet of Things. The Project Jigsaw tries to make the programming language work on a deeper variety of portable and small devices. But, the project still aims to maintain Java’s networking, scalability, security, maintainability, performance, and other characteristics while executing it run on newer and smaller devices. Hence, Project Jigsaw has already suggested a design and standard module system for the Java SE Platform to achieve its objectives. Once the proposal is executed, developers will use Java for writing a wide variety of Internet of Things applications.

To sum up

While Java does not suit all needs, it’s still a popular programming language which is widely used and benefits a lot of people and businesses.

Even after 24 years of existence, Java continues to evolve.

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