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6 Free Things you can Offer in Your Online eCommerce Shop & Make a Profit

When you launch an eCommerce startup, you sometimes forget about the most essential ingredient that determines the success journey- the way you delight users during the entire life of your
business. Though millions of articles have already been written about increasing user engagement, still eCommerce startups fail to struggle in this aspect.

Today, we will touch an important aspect and help you understand how you can improve your success chances by going the extra mile for your customers. You might have heard that everyone loves
freebies. This phrase is the base of our strategy and this blog will help you understand how free stuff can help you win more customers and ultimately move towards profits.

Before we move on to the things you can offer on your online store for free, let’s look at how free stuff can help you grow your sales.

The Science & Psychology behind Freebies

Human beings are conditioned to get attracted to things that they can get for free. Moreover, when you offer something for nothing in return, your buyers get a chance to experience your product quality. At the same time, when you are proactive in offering something valuable for free, online users tend to reciprocate the gesture by doing something in return for you (It can be buying something from
your store, sharing your store with their network, etc.) Also, freebies can help you to:

  • Increase brand awareness about your store and brand
  • Create long term relationships with the prospects
  • Improve the efficacy of your marketing campaigns
  • Add value to a shopper’s life
  • Get the attention of the target audience 

When your store offers a chance for buyers to discover something without spending, they are more inclined to make a positive buying decision in the future. Now that you know how the strategy
works, let’s focus on what you can offer to your prospects for free, without burning a hole in your own pocket, too.

Freebies you can offer on your eCommerce store:

1. Free samples or product trial packs

Probably, this is one of the best ways to delight prospective customers. Free samples or trial packs not only give a customer a glimpse into your brand but also can convince him/her about your quality. A customer uses the product first-hand and doesn’t rely on what you promote. So, if he/she likes what he sees and uses, there are higher chances of conversion into a buyer and probably a loyal one too.

Make sure that you don’t go overboard in offering everything in samples though. Your main purpose is to convert a visitor from your target audience into a customer and not attract the entire universe. Be very careful in selecting the products that you are offering as a sample. Only choose the products that have the potential to convince someone. And when you do so, pay extra attention to packaging, shipping and other aspects that can make or break a relationship.

2. Free shipping

You might have used this tactic before or might be currently using the same. If you are not, you are probably losing much more than you are anticipating. In this fast-paced world where customers are used to buying online, they expect free and fast shipping of their orders.

If you are charging them for shipping their purchases to them, you have higher chances of getting abandoned in favor of a competitor who doesn’t charge for deliveries.

According to research, free shipping is considered as a top incentive to buy online by 90% of online users. If you are thinking of the freebies route, this is the best way to start then.

3. Free shopping app for an improved shopping experience

You might be doing great with your app store, probably getting loads of traffic from new as well as existing customers. But a better way to increase your profits is by adopting an omnichannel strategy. Before peppering your website with freebies, why not launch a free mobile app for your customers? Not only will it increase your reach but will give shoppers a convenient way to shop.

Now you might be thinking that developing an app will cost you a lot of money. But with a readymade eCommerce mobile app builder like Quick eSelling, you can launch a native mobile app free without any coding in minutes.

4. Complimentary gift on every order

You can also entice a lot of users by providing gifts on every purchase. Though it is an age-old practice in the retail segment, it is still quite effective. If you are selling some niche products, then probably adding a free goodie with every order can give your customers another reason to come back and shop more.

This gift doesn’t need to be costly. If you are in the cosmetics business, you can top up every order with a carrying pouch. If you offer clothes, you can add a pair of socks or any accessories. This would do the trick, most of the time.

5. Free discount coupons for future purchases

You can also offer free discount coupons to your website visitors whenever they visit your website. Maybe, you can ask them to sign up to avail of a discount coupon or share some details like email and deliver the coupon to their inbox.

This way you can create a targeted email marketing campaign that would offer them free coupons from time to time, ultimately convincing them to buy from your store.

6. Free guides and eBooks

If you are serious about positioning your store in the industry, you can leverage content marketing to build value-based resources like free guides, eBooks and checklists that can help your prospects make better buying decisions.

Not only will this increase your authority and brand reputation in your industry, but the customers would love to engage on your website for all the resources you offer them for free. And when they value your advice, they will surely buy something from your store.

Wrapping Up

Freebie strategy isn’t new to this world but not many eCommerce startups are leveraging the same to its maximum potential. By offering something for free, you are asking for a consumer’s attention and giving him/her a chance to remember your brand for a long time. If you are successful in creating brand recall with the help of freebies, you can say you are a really successful eCommerce brand in this competitive environment.

Written By

Ankush works as a digital marketing and ebusiness consultant at FATbit Technologies, one of India’s leading web design development & startups friendly ecommerce solution company. Ankush expertise lies in branding and formulating SEO, SMO and startup advice strategies for business of a number of industries. He has been active in internet marketing services for past 5 years.

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