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Factors to Consider While Selecting Call Center Software Service Provider for BPO

Selecting call center software service provider for your BPO can be tough. However, you just need to consider the aspects given below. It will help you to make an ideal CRM solution.

Factors to consider while selecting call center apps provider

Determine kind of software needed

There are four call center apps available, which can differ significantly in respect to ease of use, cost, deployment time, uptime, reliability, and security.

  • On-premise app
  • Hosted app
  • Cloud-based app
  • Browser-based app

Carefully consider the kind of software your call center business needs. This will help to narrow down the potential options, so you can move ahead in your quest to find an ideal one.

List of valuable features

Prepare a list of the must-have features. Below is a list of common call center app features.

  • Telephony
  • ACD
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • IVR
  • Call queues
  • Routing
  • Call control
  • Call recording
  • Disposition codes
  • Call barging
  • Call monitoring
  • Conference calling
  • Predictive dialer
  • Voicemail
  • Whisper coaching
  • Power dialer
  • Real time reporting
  • Click to call
  • Historical recording
  • And more

Explore the above features thoroughly and prioritize them as per your business needs.

Integration capabilities

A necessary feature is an integration with current business tools like helpdesk, e-commerce platform, CRM, chat, marketing platform and social networking channels with a single click. This enables your staff to be more efficient and productive.

Seeking for an automated task is another best feature. Automated tasks and business tool integration in the software allows to automate repetitive tasks, thus saves time. For example, a new contact created in CRM gets updated with contact’s information by the software. When new chat ends, the software updates it with chat transcript.


Select a call center app that ensures scalability because it is crucial for a developing business. Ask the service provider, if you can remove or add agents in seconds or how they charge you or will they deal with your holiday call volume or can you eliminate or customize features or how they handle technical issues.


As you narrow your software search including the right kind, must have features, flexibility, and scalability then it is time to evaluate it for a user-friendly feature. Even if the software looks ideal on paper make sure to test it out. Your agents need to navigate through the software proficiently in a couple of hours.

Deployment time

A test drive allows identifying any implementation issue. Check to see the time it takes to roll out. For a small team, it needs to take few minutes and for a large team a few hours. Implementation process conducted daily can cost you money and customers, so ensure that the deployment time of selected software does not hinder daily operation or customer satisfaction.


Some BPO’s train their agents on-site. They even provide videos, and PDFs to support your team. A little training on front end saves confusion and headache.

Technical & customer support

The call center solutions provider needs to be available, in the case of a technical issue. They need to be responsive round the clock. A service provider, who will assist you to eliminate IT issues every time, is your best partner. Check about the potential service provider’s response to customer support.


Price is crucial. Calculate the cost to lose clients due to downtime or bugs not fixed or your staff does not have necessary feature. A little more can be optimal to get the task done right. The bill needs to be transparent, so ask about implementation fees, price per agents, minutes, phone number, and features, before getting locked into a contract.

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1 Comment

  1. Carl

    July 28, 2017 at 4:08 am

    This is concise.. thanks for sharing!!

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