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Benefits and Tips to Consider While Buying CCTV Security Camera for Your Home

Surveillance cameras are becoming a cornerstone of homes. With the recent increase in burglaries and vandalism, it becomes necessary to protect your family. You cannot be on-guard the whole day and night but CCTV and alarm systems can protect you.

Benefits of CCTV installed

  • Save the ongoing expense of hiring security firm
  • Integrate it to Smartphone, TV, tablet or desktop You get to look around your property grounds, anytime
  • Mobile phone allows you to check the house when you are away
  • Deters criminals
  • Captures burglaries on the camera, which helps police to detect criminals
  • Helps in insurance claims

If you are determined to buy a CCTV security system for your house then there are myriads of spy gadget and surveillance equipment available. You may be overwhelmed to look at these countless options. Making the ideal choice becomes hard and making wrong choice increases because of unfamiliarity and lack of knowledge related to CCTV technology.

Tips to remember while buying a CCTV camera

Determine your security needs

The first aspect to consider before making a deal is to determine your needs. The purchase needs to be as per the location you need to install the camera.

Take into consideration the weather and light conditions of that specific area. There are different kinds of cameras including wired system, wireless system, and the IP network system.

For video recording, you will need to pick between black & white or color options. Moreover, remember large imaging chips using CCD technology is best but expensive.

Check camera speed

Video speed is calculated on pictures processed in a second or fps (frames per second). Select fps according to surveillance area. For example, 5-7 is appropriate for residential security needs and 30 fps is best for casino or bank surveillance. Selecting high power fps CCTV without need will be just waste of money.

Check camera resolution

Resolution is measured in horizontal TV lines or TVL. High TVL means better picture quality. High-resolution cameras are as high as 480 TVL or 500 TVL, whereas normal cameras range from 350 TVL to 400 TVL.

Infrared camera

An infrared camera works well even in pitch darkness, thus offering 24/7 security to property. These are recommended for critical areas that need high alert surveillance.

Color or monochrome option

Your choice for selecting a color or monochrome camera will depend on your needs and budget. For poorly lit areas, monochrome but colored CCTV are popular for excellent picture quality.

Check package deals

Go for package deals because it will include all necessary CCTV components in the package. It helps to resolve compatibility problems as well as removes configuration dilemmas because installation is easy and flexible.

Look for warranty

All reputed stores selling CCTV equipment or other spy gadgets provide a warranty. Certainly, maintenance cost does not get cut down but you are certain that the equipment performance will be covered for specific time period.

What is included in a CCTV kit?

A Hikvision CCTV Dubai kit, for example, includes –

  • DVR
  • Cameras
  • Monitor
  • HDD drive
  • Cables
  • Warning board
  • Power supply
  • DC lead
  • BNC crimps

You will be given options for hard drive size, camera numbers, monitor size, cables length and more. Therefore assess your house thoroughly, so as to order an ideal size kit.

It is recommended to select the HD cameras because you don’t want to miss an opportunity to detect criminals that broke into the house due to blurred face and image.

Secure four corners of the house from outside, so as to avert potential thieves and it can also allow you to capture them on camera. For best results invest in high-quality results, which can be a little expensive but provide peace of mind of good security.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Iqbal Patel

    June 20, 2019 at 3:33 pm

    Thanks for sharing this article.
    Just wants to add now a days 4G IP camera are also and option to buy for home security. They provide a huge amount of flexibility to move around the camera and you can use your network sim card to access the internet.

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