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The Most Annoying Tendencies that Ski Racers Show While Being Trained

Of course, even the finest ski professionals commit a lot of mistakes, thus often failing to win races. But it can be easier if you, as a learner have some basic ideas on what works in the course and what does not!

While right, intensive training helps an athlete go a long way, the experts in the sport often complain of students lacking certain thing, which are more than necessary for a quality preparation. For example, young learners go on doing things that unconsciously eats up a lot of their valuable time.

Get an idea on what they can be:

#1: Chatting With Peers Just Before Leaving The Start Gate

Racers are often seen to chitchat with other racers whilst in the gate, and often before leaving it! What is being missed here? Of course, the most potent mental contributor-focus! The focus should be on the upcoming run only; but they seem to concentrate more on the conversation. At least two minutes before the race begins, stop talking to anyone and create a mental imagery on what you want to work on.

#2: Cruising To The Starting Gate In Training

Remember that the clock for race starts just at the starting gate. However, often, learners are seen to take things too easily and cruise to the first two gates, before finally settling in! This can bring a real harm to development of intensity. While ski-racing, being a high-on-energy sport, needs a lot of power, agility, quickness and aggressive approach, even a slightly impaired intensity while kick starting the game can be a real spoiler.

The trick is, rev up your engine well before you get into the first gate by doing a few jumps. Ignite your mind with a game strategy and see how it fires up your performance.

#3: Give Up Without Braving The Hitches In Training

It is very normal to get in tiny troubles while training on the course. However, skiing out even without minimal fight can be a poor tendency to get into. After all, training your mind and body to fight the odds is exactly what your coach intends to teach you. Understand that the “ski out” situations are most likely to come and they are exceptionally good to push you ahead of your comfort zone. Learn never to give up in case you make a mistake, if you want to serve way better in future.

#4: Take A Break At The Final Gate In Training

Quite similar to cruising in the first gate, Ski Racers are also often seen to have a tendency to let up well before he or she touches the finish line. Have you seen a good racer giving a great performance throughout, and then get tipped or make similar mistakes with only one or two gates to finish? Well, you might have seen such cases several times. These frustrating situations crop up particularly when the racer thinks that the run is over, thus leading to self-content and relaxation.

However, just in the way the clock begins with the start of race, it stops when participants go beyond the finishing point. So ensure that you are well-focused throughout the race.

#5: Requesting Coaches To Reset When The Going Gets A Little Tough

It is extremely common to hear trainees complaining that the course is tough so the coach ought to reset. However, the only way to ski like a pro is to train under rough conditions. Give it a try; and you will learn how to tackle a tough situation and build confidence that you can ski well, come what may.

And in case you find it tough to push away the mental hurdles, never think twice to consult your sports psychologist.

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