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Facebook Beware: Yahoo! Pulse To Replace MyBlogLog?

myblogloglogoFollowing Yahoo!’s announcement on 24 February that its MyBlogLog service will be discontinued on May 24, it is fair to say that quite a lot of bloggers felt like a part of them was being lost. MyBlogLog was popular among many bloggers as it formed a way to create a community of bloggers who shared similar views and aspirations. Those who signed up for its free accounts could subscribe to others and bookmark them for future reading and/or sharing. Following its acquisition by Yahoo! in January 2007, the site has grown to over 275,000 registered members and several million visits per day. However, unfortunately, the success of social networks such as Facebook has raised the bar for others and MyBlogLog seems to be one of those affected.

According to Yahoo!, the termination of MyBlogLog was inevitable as part of their “ongoing effort to build products and services that deliver the best possible experiences for advertisers and consumers.” Consequently, investment in certain areas will be increased, while other areas will be scaled back. So then, what happens to all those bloggers that still want to see their social updates in one place? Well, step in Yahoo! Pulse.

Yahoo! Pulse

Yahoo! Pulse replaced Yahoo! 360 as a social network that can boost communication among Yahoo account owners. Users can log into their accounts and start up connection with friends, family and colleagues by sharing photos, videos, blog posts, status updates etc. Furthermore, with Yahoo! Pulse, users can create their own identity on Yahoo! so as to connect and engage with people, applications, and content

Therefore, MyBlogLog users are being encouraged by Yahoo! to use Yahoo! Pulse as an alternative resource for keeping up with contacts. According to Yahoo!, while Yahoo! Pulse doesn’t provide blog-tracking services, it is a useful way to streaming information from multiple social media feeds (Yahoo! Pulse, Facebook, Twitter) in one place. Also, you may be able to find and connect to your MyBlogLog contacts there.

Saving Information from MyBlogLog

Finally, MyBlogLog users are advised to review and save contents of their existing accounts such as contact, Web addresses of followed blogs and messages from other users as soon as possible because all information will be deleted after the closure date. Premium MyBlogLog subscribers’ subscription will be cancelled and any remaining unused portion will be refunded as a credit via the billing method on file.

Read more details on how to save information from your MyBlogLog account.

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How does Yahoo! Pulse compare to Facebook?

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