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The Energy Market: Adoption of New Technologies (Including IoT)

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There have been some major changes in the energy sector, particularly with renewables and new advancements in robotic technology. Not only are we seeing big shifts in how energy is being consumed, but today’s energy companies are changing the way they do things to strike a better balance between the environment and their customers. Additionally, there have also been changes to the way the consumer views their own consumption, with everyone searching for new ways to save money whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

The energy market is, without a doubt, reaching a pivotal point in its evolution. So how will technology help the industry advance? Here are some of the latest technologies that are reshaping the energy landscape of today.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Use of IoT allows energy firms to collect valuable data on how their customers use their energy, allowing them to keep on top of trends and provide the most efficient services with minimal power wastage. Not only that, but IoT tech in the home will become essential to the household and will give consumers complete control of their energy consumption.

Whilst smart heating systems are already being used today, smart buildings that are fully integrated and voice-controlled will be the next big thing to watch out for. Being able to apply smart technology to every part of a property (from talking walls to light-controlled windows) will be a major step forward for designing the most energy efficient buildings in the world.

Advanced Monitoring Systems

In the next few years, we will see a development in the way we monitor across all sectors, including Refining, Oil & Gas and Renewables. From ultrasonic devices that can perform in the most extreme temperatures to predictive maintenance, energy producers will have all the valuable data they need to optimise performance. There are many benefits including decreased downtime, added safety and security, and better machine reliability.

Robotics in Energy

The application of robots in production not only helps to speed up manufacturing, but efficiency will also help to drive down the cost of renewable installation. An example of this is the use of robots in assembling photovoltaic solar panels. By using robotic technology, productivity increases substantially which encourages competitive pricing to benefit the end consumer.

Whilst installing a wind turbine on private land or solar panels on the roof of a house may be a big outlay for the average homeowner now, the future could be very different.

Industrial Cyber Security Platforms

The energy market is moving in the right direction with cyber security, but the pace is slow. As online security becomes an even bigger concern, more and more firms will adopt platforms to keep their infrastructures protected from hackers. The energy sector is considered to be a prime target for cyber attacks, and the next few years will see cyber technologies becoming much more important to the industry.

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