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7 Tips for Increasing the Battery Life of Your Laptop

Follow these easy to apply tips and increase the battery life of your laptop to minimize the haunting low battery alerts

Highly advanced graphics cards, resource hungry applications and high-end operating systems, all these features enhances the experience of the user but on the other side, they are also minimizing the life of your battery and draining your fully charged laptop at a much faster pace.

Getting low battery alerts while travelling when you have forgotten your charger or can’t find any outlet, can prove to be a nightmare for anyone. The average lifetime of a battery is usually one to six hours but that is not the situation in every case.

That’s why, in this blog post, we will be looking at the top 7 tips for increasing the battery life your laptop.

1. Make changes in your Power option

There are many options available in your Power option which you can use to increase your battery life. You can go to the Power option by typing Control Panel in your windows search bar and then clicking on Hardware and Sound. Don’t think that the default settings in your Power options are for saving your battery. You can change your Power Plan options, choose when to turn off the display and change when the computer sleeps.

2. Don’t always keep your laptop in charge

Nowadays, most of the batteries are Lithium-ion based and they can’t be overcharged but still always leaving your laptop on charge can hamper the long-term life of your battery. If there is a utility to restrict your battery from getting fully charge then don’t hesitate from using it as it will maintain your battery’s life by restricting it from getting overcharged.

3. Change to integrated graphics

High-end graphics card chips consume a lot of battery and if you have them on your laptop then you should also set up the integrated graphics. It will make sure that your AMD or NVIDIA graphics chip is only used when you are playing games or running required applications.

4. Lower down your brightness

Another huge power consumer of your battery is your LCD screen. Higher the brightness of the laptop, lower will be your battery life. That’s why you should always keep your brightness level to average. The high brightness level is also not good for your eyes.

5. Always hibernate your laptop rather than putting it to sleep

When you put your laptop on the sleep mode, then it turns off the display and the hard drive but the memory of your laptop keeps running while the CPU slows down. Thus, even in sleep mode, your battery keeps draining. Therefore, running your battery in hibernation mode is better as the laptop saves the current status while it shuts down itself completely.

6. Keep your laptop clean

Even if you keep your working area completely clean, the laptop gets filled with small dust particles and especially in the area of the air vent. A grubby air vent can cause heating issues on your laptop which will also affect your battery’s life. So keep cleaning the air vent of your laptop on a regular basis.

7. Use an original charger

You should always use an original charger to charge your laptop. A local charger might seem like a good option but it can prove to be the biggest enemy of your battery’s life. So even if it costs much higher than your local charger, you should always use the original one.

So instead of panicking from low battery alerts, use the above-mentioned easy to apply tips to increase the battery life of your laptop.

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Saurabh Gupta is a technical content writer at Cloudwalks. His area of expertise includes cloud computing, cloud accounting, software, and cybersecurity. In his free time, he loves exploring the world of technology and software.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nicholina Martin

    December 29, 2017 at 5:52 am

    Hi Saurabh,

    Thanks for sharing a great informative article. You mention very well how to increase battery back of your laptop. It is very useful because when you are outside of your home and office and in the meantime, you need to work on the laptop then a long lasting battery backup is required.

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