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E-learning Industry Expansion Through Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are becoming a prerogative for organizations of the millennia. With the onslaught of different technologies in mobile application development, the education industry seems to have made the best possible use of these technological tools. Older and traditional methods of education have been taken over by the contemporary eLearning applications that have brought about a huge change in the learning process. Learning with mobile apps is in trend as they provide students the ease and convenience to study, disseminate and exchange information anywhere, anytime.

An Overview of the eLearning market

The global E-learning market is set to cross the $275 billion mark which is an average growth of 7.5% from 2015. Students have complete access to different competitive programs offered by different institutions. These online courses can be checked for their reliability and be done to expand the skill sets of learners. Some major determiners that drive the E-learning application markets are:

  • Affordable costs due to flexibility in the education models
  • Education accessibility also is a key factor enabling people to get their hands on the latest courses
  • The use of audio and video tools has enhanced the experience of learning driving engagements
  • Increase in internet penetration with reliable statistics showing that the number of internet users hovers around 3.2 billion, nearly 43% of the global population.
  • An increase in smartphone ownership currently standing at 36% of the world population is also one of the reasons.

Year on year growth figures are encouraging as per the analysis of Techavio.

Top Technologies that will shape the eLearning Industry

Augmented Reality

E-learning applications have become synonymous with emerging technologies. AR provides an interactive experience of a real-time environment wherein objects placed in the real world are enhanced or augmented. With the help of such visual content, a student’s attention span has rapidly increased and the ease that it provides to students for learning complex models has become its star feature. The student’s inability to crack intricated concepts has become easier thanks to the ability of AR to feature 3D and 4D models.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality uses headsets in combination with physical environments to generate close-to-real sounds, images, and videos that make us feel the physical presence of something even though it is virtual. It is incredibly popular in eLearning applications especially, health care. The VR learning model is an interesting way to study and is based on the experiential methodology.  Organizations should be vying to construct future-ready apps by leveraging the power of this technology.

Artificial Intelligence

With AI the evolution of eLearning applications has been unimaginable. Students who are weak or have learning disabilities can easily be assisted with these modes of study. Advanced models of AI also help in problem-solving in a much more comprehensive way.

Machine Learning

Online learners and organizations are continuously investing their resources in LMS platforms due to their innate benefits. ML offers more and more custom eLearning solutions based on the student’s past performance and learning objectives. It also helps in optimizing resources as online learning receives the required Elearning resources to fill knowledge gaps and fulfill their learning goals.

Wearable Devices

These wearables are smart electronic devices that can be worn on the body as an accessory. They are currently used as corporate training tools because they are capable to deliver training experience anywhere in the world. They have the potential to take simulations to the next level making the Elearning experience comprehensible.

Advantages of eLearning Mobile Applications

The E-learning industry is booming and is providing better opportunities to students and well as organizations to prove their mettle. Currently, 53% of the apps available on the app store are E-learning applications. The numbers for the future look bright.

Looking at the illustration above it is clear that Education is dominating the scenario followed by Lifestyle. E-learning applications are customized to deliver high efficiency added with elements of fun in the teaching process. We believe with the growing trend of mobile apps; native or PWA’s, the eLearning market is bound to go places. Let’s check why.

The illustration above shows that among all the different sectors, free education and eLearning applications are dominating followed by lifestyle. With growing trends of mobile applications including native and PWA’s, the E-learning market is flourishing.

  • E-learning applications have warranted better access to education. Different applications and learning from them have become the favorite of students. Students can easily access different learning resources as much as they please sitting in any part of the world. People who were bereft of formal education also can access these courses and increase their skill sets.
  • The eLearning mobile application developers can be credited with designing futuristic applications that embrace digital transitions. Education is no longer at the behest of the rich class. Students need not buy any notebooks or expensive items related to their study thereby eliminating higher costs associated with notebooks.
  • With the help of audiovisual aids, students can visualize a concept easily. About 99% of students believe that due to the orientation of their studies with such mobile devices, their learning engagement has increased. Students can employ exploratory methods to grasp and get a hold of difficult concepts. Advanced technologies like AR and VR also are playing an important role.
  • It is not necessary that eLearning applications are only for students. Teachers too can commendably find it beneficial because of its hassle-free applicability.
  • Teacher Kit is a wonderfully conceptualized eLearning mobile application that assists teachers to keep track of several elements like performance assessment, grading, and even attendance of students. There are applications like dropbox and Evernote that enables teachers and students to make notes and easily share them irrespective of their size.

Summing up

Technology is playing its part in almost all industries. With the education industry springing up like never before, it is a good opportunity for organizations to establish their dominance by becoming early players.

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