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3 Ways An Ecommerce Chatbot Can Improve Sales And Customer Service

With millions of eCommerce portals existing out there, only a few manage to set themselves apart. These are the platforms that continue to improve their sales and customer experience.

Just like a watch, which is powered by numerous gears working together to show time, such as the success behind an eCommerce platform. Various vital services such as customer care, payments, tech support, logistics, marketing, etc. work simultaneously in sync build-up to the success of that eCommerce platform.

With millions of eCommerce portals existing out there, only a few manage to set themselves apart. These are the platform that continues to improve its sale and customer experience.

Several technologies have been bringing a positive change to the way eCommerce companies operate. Artificial technology and its related technologies are one of them.

Chatbots, one of the popular use cases of AI (Artificial Intelligence) are transforming the way, two-way conversation between businesses and customers happens. Moreover, conversational bots are helping to automate processes, update customers, and boost sales.

If your eCommerce business that started to thrive and you’re looking for tech support to improve your customer experience in every aspect, then a custom chatbot development is what your business needs right now. Here are 3 creative ways a chatbot can automate tasks for a better service to customers.

Offer Shipping and Delivery Updates

Once your customers have placed an order, they eagerly wait for it to get delivered. How about enabling your customers to check all updates, right on their favorite messaging app (say Whatsapp). Several popular eCommerce platforms have been adopting their approach to make it easy for customers to check the shipping and delivery status on IM (Instant Messaging) apps.

While you can send automatic updates to the customers about a product’s whereabouts, you can give them the option to inquire about shipping and delivery updates. Customers who can track their product and know when their product is arriving have high chances of coming back to the platform and shop. Product shipment and delivery details are as important as the quality of the product.

Chatbots can be customized to fetch a customer’s shipping and delivery details, keeping them informed about their products. As this process is automated, customers have round-the-clock support to interact with a virtual business executive.

Provide Personalized Offers and Updates

Push notifications, emails, and messages are the tools used by the marketing team to retain the customers. But, how many customers are converted from it, even though offers of their interest are specially curated and sent to them?

To improve the conversion rate of personalized offers and updates, it is imperative to send them to a platform where your customers spend their maximum time- their instant messaging platform (like FB Messenger, or WhatsApp). When you send these offers through IM apps, the likelihood of your customers engaging with it and getting converted increases.

Engage Customers with Innovative Campaigns

Several top eCommerce brands are making the most of chatbots to engage customers. Sephora, one of the popular multinational chains of personal care and beauty stores has a Facebook bot named Sephora Virtual Assist that allows its customers to try and see how Sephora’s product would look on their faces.

H&M, a popular clothing brand has its chatbot on Kik that asks users questions about their style and then offers photo options to select. This way, the clothing brand can create a fashion profile for each user and make outfit suggestions, accordingly.

Creating Custom Chatbot Development for Messaging App

Integrating chatbots with messaging apps has several advantages to offer. If building a chatbot for your eCommerce platform is on your mind, then schedule a 30-minute free consultation with our AI experts who will guide you through the best use cases of a chatbot for your business and help you out in custom chatbot development as well. Also, check out our Complete Guide to eCommerce Development.

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