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Don’t Overlook the Obvious in Mobile App Development

With improving technology and ease of use, iPhone, iPad and Android apps are simplifying user’s life and making inroads into everyday life. Mobile apps come across as the most persuasive way to connect with target audience while on the move. Mobile app development appears to be a rage at the moment. But you can’t join the bandwagon just because it is cool.

The app development process could turn out to be a very treacherous process. Your app could be lost in the oblivion due to a marketing mishap, a technical bug, or for being too complicated. Take a stock of your priorities and resources and take time to consider why you need an app and how will it benefit your customers.

Here are a few pointers that app developers often tend to overlook in the mobile app development and marketing process.

User Personas

Before you take a plunge into app development, think about users first. Once you have an app idea floating, it is about time to create basic user personas. This will help you in designing and developing mobile application keeping end users in mind. It is important to keep individuals who will be potentially using your mobile app at the center of app strategy. Your great app idea will bite dust without thinking about users. Define user personas and identify user needs and preferences. You need to get into user psyche. How will your app solve problems and how will users interact with your app? This will ensure that you have applied strategic thought to the process of developing an app that gets used and shared.

Beta Testing

Very often developers are in a mad rush to launch apps. Time-to-market factor often leads to turning a blind eye to testing. Before hitting the app market, reach out to individuals who can beta test your app. However, these individuals should be in sync with your user persona.

Just one or two beta testers will not serve the purpose. You will need a few hundred individuals to use your app and provide feedback. Not an easy task. Beta testing could provide goldmine of information to developers that would help improve overall quality and usability of apps. You need to go a step ahead and leverage beta testers to promote your app. Beta testers could turn out to be your best brand ambassadors. If your app is truly outstanding, you can easily persuade testers to share your app on social media or write reviews.

App Store Submission & Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps and ultimately gain a high ranking in app store’s search results. This is dubbed to be the new age SEO for the simple reason the higher your app’s ranking, the more the more visible it is. This increased visibility is likely to translate into more traffic and subsequently more customers downloading your app.
ASO is not a random or haphazard activity. It requires thorough knowledge of target audience, such as keywords users are most likely to use while finding apps similar to yours. Bottom line in the app world is being found. ASO is not just limited to submission of your app. So don’t forget this crucial step.

Measure Your Success

Considering the phenomenal growth of mobile app markets, leave no stone unturned to ensure that you’re tracking the right data at each and every phase of app development and promotion. Your app should seamlessly blend with your corporate goals and enhance your reach, rather than being a standalone product. Make sure you’re able to track and analyze every aspect of sales, grievance, response and abandonment so that you can change and combat problems effectively.

Conclusion: Don’t force your app on customers. Your job is to help users discover and download app. Always keep usability at the forefront of the development process. But don’t consider app marketing as an afterthought.

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Elina Bryan works for r3app an emerging mobile application development company. She is passionate about mobile apps and loves to increase download numbers using innovative app marketing and social media strategy. During her spare time, she writes blogs on trends in the mobile app development industry. You can follow her on Twitter @r3applive.

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