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Don’t Let Your Curiosity Die With Your Age

Don’t ever let your curiosity to die with your age curiosity is the key to success.

Curiosity can help us to know many things and it can also help us to discover and invent what has been still hidden from the world. Every great person has been curious and this sense of curiosity led them to achieve greatness. As said by Albert Einstein

I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.

Einstein was curious about the working of earth, light and many other things for his whole life and that’s how he made so many inventions and discoveries, Nikola Tesla was curious about electricity, infinite source of energy and many other things, Beethoven was curious about music and this is the only way through these common people became a synonym of their work.

Let me explain how curiosity helps us to discover the things around us. We are curious from our childhood and that’s why when you ask a child to not climb the stairs and to not go on the terrace, he will always do that because he will always be curious about the terrace and stairs. As we grow, we keep asking questions about the things around us like how the sun works, how the earth works, where the water comes from and by asking all these questions we are able to discover many hidden things around us and whenever a child asks about something, he listens more and says less and that’s how we can reveal the abundance of knowledge around us and discover and invent many things. We need to become a child again so that we can be curious and two of the most important traits of a curious person are

  • He keeps asking questions without feeling ashamed
  • He listens more and argues less

As we grow, we start restricting ourselves from asking and we push ourselves for arguing. Before asking anything we think 100 times; What if the person in front of me thinks of me as a fool? What if I am asking a very foolish question? What if the person gets frustrated, what he will think? Whether he will be able to answer or not?

We need to think like a child again and be curious again and if your mind will be open for knowledge, then you will not be ashamed of knowing anything from even your younger brother, from your student, from a person who works under you. Our self-made pride is what acts as a blockage between knowledge and our mind. Be curious like a child and learn, discover and invent.

A batsman is always curious about the different types of shorts like cover drive, pull, straight drive and that’s how he keeps learning and keeps improving his playing and later on with the help of curiosity, he develops his own style and shots and that’s how curiosity helps you to discover and invent also.

If you are working as a salesman, be curious about the different ways to push your sales, be curious about the best ways to handle and motivate your team, be curious about the different marketing strategies, be curious about the market and shops which are under your territory, be curious about the effective ways of preparing weekly reports and with all these curiosities, will come knowledge which will help you to develop your own style which will be your discovery and invention. You must have seen the people working in top positions in your sales department have their own way of working and they develop it from being curious. The day we stop being curious is the day when we are dead.

Saurabh Gupta is a technical content writer at MyQbHost, a QuickBooks cloud hosting company. His area of expertise includes cloud computing, cloud accounting, software, and cybersecurity. In his free time, he loves exploring the world of technology and software. 

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