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Choosing Commercial Internet Service Providers

Your businesses success relies in large part on effective internal and external communication and collaboration. Today, most businesses rely on an Internet connection to communicate with their customers and to exchange emails internally. Also, if your business is like many others and is using an IP phone system, then having a solid Internet connection is even more vital. There are many potential losses associated with an unreliable Internet connection meaning it is advisable to take a critical look at one of your businesses fundamental communication tools: your Internet connection.

wireless internet provider

Services differ from provider to provider and depending on where your business is located you may or may not have an abundance of choices at your disposal. For example, business Internet Toronto may not be the same as in Edmonton.

Choosing The Right Type Of Internet For Your Business

Internet technology is a constantly advancing field and the amount of options available to your business is growing. Keeping up to date with the latest developments is sometimes not possible, but ensuring your high speed business Internet connection doesn’t let you down, is.

Some different options available for business Internet are:

Cable Internet

This is Internet provided by your cable company. Speeds can be high but will slow down during peak hours due to network congestion. This option is often expensive, especially if not bundled with TV or phone plans.

T1/Fiber Optic Cable

Using light beamed through mirrored glass tubes offers blazing fast Internet connections of up to 1 Gbps. The catch is that the cost is extremely high and availability is scarce. The special lines needed to transmit data are not available everywhere and paying to have the necessary infrastructure installed is usually prohibitive.

Satellite Internet

This option is usually found in rural areas, where cable or transmission tower infrastructure is scarce. The Internet connection provided is often slow, with the most common speed being just 3 Mbps. The highest regular speed is around 15Mbps, which wouldn’t be sufficient for high speed business Internet. Weather can also affect the capabilities of satellite Internet.

Telephone Dial-Up

This type of Internet connection is very outdated and slow. Some providers still offer this option but it simply isn’t up to the requirements of business Internet.


DSL and ADSL are the most common types of Digital Subscriber Line Internet connections. They are a prefect compromise of speed and cost and compete with cable Internet offerings in most household settings. However, business broadband connections, which often feature large call volume, conference calling, video conferencing and other high bandwidth applications requires something faster. This is where VDSL or Very High Bit-Rate DSL, comes into it’s own. Offering speeds of up to 55Mbps, while still maintaining a price point close to regular DSL plans makes VDSL perfect for your businesses Internet connection needs.

Choosing The Right Commercial Internet Service Provider

Choosing an Internet service provider for your business isn’t only about the Internet connection. These days, many businesses run their phones systems, email, fax and business TV systems off of their Internet connections. This is a great way to achieve efficiencies and lower costs but can leave your business susceptible to service interruptions. This means it is very important to rely on a service provider that offers the most effective, up to date equipment and customer service. Many providers may offer excellent pricing but will leave your business hanging in the event of service interruption. Make sure you choose a reputable company for your business.

When choosing a service provider for your business, consult your neighbors to gain knowledge about which provider they are using and associated experiences. Also, ensure your provider will work with you to tailor services to your business. Choose a provider that offers easy scalability or relocation and provides a dedicated customer support team in case something goes wrong.

An example of how high speed business Internet is done right is BroadConnect Telecom Canada. Specializing in business Internet Toronto, BroadConnect offers industry-leading business Internet through constantly upgraded equipment and dedicated customer service that’s available 24/7. They also offer what is known as a “4G Back-up”, which means that in the event of a service interruption, your system automatically switches to a 4G network and continues working.

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  1. Abhi

    February 22, 2016 at 9:52 am

    This was a nice article. You have shared something new which I was unaware of.

  2. Aiswarya

    May 23, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    Selecting the best Internet Service Provider with the right technology is indeed a very important task just like the blog discussed.

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