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Checklist for A Successful Mobile App Development

These days, business organizations are more and more aspiring to be app-ready, thus making sure of unsurpassed consumer experience for prospective customers. For the present-day business owners, a mobile app development project inevitably would be on your to-do list. Due to the gigantic usefulness and popularity of mobile apps, they serve as a considerable opportunity for business development.

With innovations and the latest technological advancements coming to life almost every single day, it’s right to think that this year and the next would certainly be the year of mobile applications. Although each area of life has its equal share of mobile applications nowadays, only a few of them are truly successful.

A lot of mobile applications aren’t downloaded as much as the app builders expect, while most applications that enjoyed many downloads encountered mass delete as well. Experienced mobile app developers or app builders understand that are a few general features, which make for a successful application. Some developers outlined several general features that make every mobile app successful and the developers that specialize in creating game apps as well as listed several features that game applications must have to become successful.

The Making of a Successful Mobile Application

1. Learn who your customers are

Whether it’s Android app development or iOS app development, it’s important to know who your customers or the target audience are. Ask some groundbreaking questions that could help you get started on the pre-launch stage. Some of the questions to ask include:

  • The target group, including age, education, sec, interests, or hobbies?
  • Who are the competitors?
  • Why do they need this kind of app?
  • What problems does the app resolve?
  • Is something missing in the completion of the app?

Understanding your market is a great help during the first steps. Start doing your research early on. The more information you acquire from the very beginning, then the better prepared you will be. Your future app’s potential will depend on the data quantity and quality you start with.

2. Check out the market

In the beginning, market research is paramount. Simply put, find similar applications on the market. Unless you have a revolutionary idea, chances are that there already is an app that is similar to the one you have in mind.

Pay close attention to demographics. Knowing who your audience is and what are their preferences could spell the difference for you. Furthermore, make sure to check out all the alternatives possible and begin to think about how your app would differ and what makes it unique.

End that phase by evaluating your competitors. Knowing exactly who your prospective audience is paramount. Doing market research could help you offer customers a better product than those that exist already.

3. Setting your budget

While not an easy thing to do, it’s achievable with the right approach. It, however, depends on the application of course. A few things to bear in mind include:

  • If you need funding for your app idea, you have to develop a financial plan and choose the right funding method.
  • Some platforms could calculate for your app after you answer several questions.
  • It’s also possible to create an app even with a limited budget. What matters is setting clear goals and sticking to them.

4. Create a marketing plan

After you’ve determined the target audience and what they’re searching for, your next step would be to look for ways of addressing them. A successful marketing plan is needed, one that works for your app as well as your team. Mobile apps today are paramount for doing business.

The more user experience that the app provides, the more that users will love them. Reaching out to your audience is a great way of promoting your products. Based on influencer marketing statistics things are looking great for influencers. The influencer market in other words is thriving and doesn’t miss out on the opportunity.

5. Selecting your team

In any mobile app development company, selecting the team is a critical point in the making of your future application. A wonderful android app developer’s team consists of the following:

  • designers—they visualize
  • developers—are mobile engineers
  • visionary—to formulate innovative ideas and act as a project manager
  • QA specialists—the first severe critiques of the final product
  • marketing and sales specialists—for product promotion
  • customer service—for all questions that your customers may have

Having freelancers or in-house developers work just fine. In both instances, make sure you know what your budget could handle. For your final product, having the right people to do the job is a challenge that it heavily relies on.

Choose people wisely and make sure to hire those with developing experience with the programming languages required for the project, and ideally those who could design mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

6. Building your blog

You most definitely need a website as part of the marketing strategy. It actively drives your customers to your Google Play and App Store page. Inform your audience on your app’s progress, which is another wonderful way of promoting it.

Creating a web page in which you could promote your future app is an absolute must. You need a web page that’s dynamic with frequent posts and enough content.

7. Choose a suitable name

A very important thing to do but at first may seem daunting. Your app’s name should be unique yet easy to pronounce. Moreover, it should describe what the application is all about, not to mention it should be easy to remember. You also need to consider the length as there are restrictions, including 30 characters for Android and 50 characters for iOS.

8. Icon creation

Your icon, just like your name must be eye-catching, simple, and recognizable. A rule of thumb, in general, is to refrain from using many texts and keeping it as simple as possible.

Your goal is to have an icon with colors that contrast, as well as a clear color palette. The formula to a great icon is easy to remember, simple, and with a clear palette.

9. Setting up keywords

Both mobile SEO and app store keyword research are critical for successful app distribution. You can manually do keywords research, or use a keyword suggestion tool.

Furthermore, make certain to check how many characters per description that Google Play and the App Store allows. Keywords put in the title have more weight as a no-brainer.

10. Tools for app creation

When you have a strategy already, and all the members of the team know their roles, then you would need an app creation tool. Before getting started, there are different options to take into account.

Check out this list:

Android Studio—ultra-fast tools for app building

BuildFire—the most popular, intuitive, and simple choice

Firebase—the mobile app creation platform of Google

Xamarin—the platform for super-fast app building

PhoneGap—offers cloud services as well as free-to-use guidelines

Ionic—a development tool that’s cross-platform that has a free version for a tighter budget


With mobile apps, monetary success is hard but gets easier as you go. As you produce quality apps consistently, your brand will be recognized by the press and you gain important hands-on experience and develop a fan base. Having the fruit of your hard work enjoyed by millions of people is extremely rewarding.

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Rooney Reeves is working as a Business Development Executive at eTatvaSoft - A Mobile app development company. She always accepts challenges and puts some effort into it. She loves to write and spread her knowledge through writing.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jignesh Thanki

    February 1, 2022 at 11:18 am

    A Mobile application could be very beneficial for your business or startup, But there are certain factors you requires to consider before you commit to its development like – app development budget, Target Audience, Mobile app design, Hire dedicated developers, etc.

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