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5 Delightful Coloring Apps to Refresh Your Mind

Colors are simply magic, they can relate to all your different moods. Each color depicts a story of its own. Did you know your favorite color can offer some insight into your personality? The effect of colors are so great that they are used in a therapy known as Chromotherapy.

Coloring is not bound to any age group, it’s not just for children. Starting from a baby to an adult, any one can involve themselves in coloring. Coloring reliefs you from stress and tension.

With the advancement of technology, different types of coloring apps are available in the market. Some of the most interesting coloring apps are listed below, describing new ways of coloring.

Start coloring with these apps and free yourself from the caged and monotonous life of today’s world.

#1. Stress Relief Adult Color Book


Stress Relief Adult Color Book (1)

Colors act as a therapy, with distinguished research works, it has been seen that colors can heal you from your mental stress. What this app actually does is allows you to concentrate in coloring such intricate designs, that you get totally engrossed in it and forget everything else.

While you concentrate on coloring the templates in this app, your imagination as well as concentration power is triggered.

Stress Relief Adult Color Book (2)

In this app, you get different galleries like messages, flowers, geometry, mandalas, patterns and birds. There is a rich color palette from where you can choose different colors and unleash your creative side. After you are done, you can also share it with your friends and relatives on social media sites. Download this app and feel the difference in your life. You will find yourself more calm and relaxed.

#2. Kids Coloring Book: Princess


Kids Coloring Book_Princess (1)

Kids understand colors even before they understand languages. The bright colors like red, blue, green and yellow attract them a lot. This particular app is designed so that the children can breath in their world of imagination for a much longer period of time. Different fairytale characters like Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Little Red Ridding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin and also Snow White are in this app for your little ones to color them.

Kids Coloring Book_Princess (2)

The characters available here are so realistic that they seem as if they are frozen. Children will get immense joy in coloring them. With a color palette having 20 gorgeous colors, this app helps your child imagine vividly and slowly builds up her concentration level. This app is suitable for kids within the the age ranging from 2-5 and even more. Download this app and let your children get involved in something creative.

#3. Christmas Coloring Book Games


Christmas Coloring Book Games (1)

Festivals are always special and if it is Christmas then the joy is twice. Christmas is a festival of love and joy. Children wait for Christmas throughout the year. So to add to this joy, here is an app known as Christmas Coloring Book.

Christmas Coloring Book Games (2)

This app is loved by the children during the festive season. There are more than 80 Christmas and winter theme pages to color. You can download this app and let your child go creatively wild with his/her colorful imagination.

#4. Colorfit Coloring Book


Colorfit Coloring Book

While you are stressed and your mind is full of anxiety, what you need to do is settle down. It is not that easy to settle down when your nerves are not at rest. To settle down with your mind and heart, you need to concentrate. Colorfit coloring book is a fantastic app which helps you settle down and concentrate your brain. You can color different flowers, textures, animals and mandala patterns here. Explore your creative side and then share your artwork with your friends on social media sites.

This app will transport you to the world of colors and you will forget all your tensions and worries within no time.

#5. Graffiti Maker


Graffiti Maker

Graffiti is a wild form of art. It is not that easy thing to do, but if you want to learn and show your creativity with graffiti, then this is the app for you. Graffiti Maker is an app which allows you to type your own text, select background, color the text in your own style, and then save it after you complete your graffiti. Show it off to your friends and family.

Try it once! It’s really amazing and you will love it.

If your mind is relaxed, you will be at peace. So, as you exercise to keep your body healthy and fit everyday, similarly, to keep your mind healthy and fit you need to do this color exercise at least once a day. Download any of these apps and experience the healing touch of color in your life.

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