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Businesses Finally Calling Yahoo Hosting ‘Home’

Backed by the very company that launched the internet into the next galaxy, Yahoo Web Hosting falls into the category of beginner website hosting since many of their tools are rudimentary to expert web designers.  Offering the largest customer support network, however, certainly doesn’t hurt Yahoo Website Hosting users and can nearly walk you through everything you’ll need to do for prompt launching of your website.  Taking into account the overall pricing, reliability, versatility and customer support, Yahoo Hosting perhaps takes the cake in newbie hosting.  Everyone trusts the Yahoo name for many sports, news and email services; this caused Yahoo Website hosting to conceive their packages for everyone to buy up.  Under the microscope goes Yahoo Hosting for both small business and bloggers around the world.

Price Value

If your intention is aggressive website traffic, huge news platforms or anything that’s indicative of powerful website usage, Yahoo Web Hosting is probably not your cup of tea.  Beginners who have smaller needs like blogs, pictorial sites and smaller store fronts could benefit from Yahoo Hosting yet their pricing structure is slightly higher than industry standard for the same perks.  You do get the unlimited disk space and bandwidth allotments.  You will enjoy having access to website building tools that make newcomer site creation a snap.  However, perks like advertising credits and other major helps just aren’t part of Yahoo Hosting, but having these advertising coupons is ambiguous when Yahoo Website Hosting offers top-grade exposure and nearly immediate sitemap indexing.

For those running small businesses, Yahoo Website Hosting does feature store creations which puts you into your own store.  Their baseline package, the Basic, doesn’t offer Yahoo Hosting platform Site Builder, WordPress blogging, SQL or really anything special.  As the packages increase, however, Yahoo Web Hosting does offer customers Shared SSL certificates, snapshot backups and ameliorates setup fees.   Overall, when gauging Yahoo Website Hosting and their price-value analysis, buying their baseline package would be best for small sites and businesses simply need to go big or go home if choosing their platform for hosting.  If you want to culminate Yahoo search marketing into your mix, exposure through their Bing partnership will quickly boost your positioning and indexed pages.


Backed by the massive corporate name, Yahoo Hosting perhaps over-amasses the reliability needs of hosting customers, nearly offering 100% uptime consistently.   Security that rivals Ft. Knox surrounds the numerous data warehouses of Yahoo while current conversion to greener hosting is in the works.  Routine maintenance runs seamlessly behind the scenes to keep data flowing smoothly and older or potentially corrupt data eradicated.   Secure sockets layered certificates are issued from second package on up while you can virtually encrypt every zone of your hosting account with up to 1,000 passwords.   Technicians work endless hours making Yahoo Hosting the most reliability platform around which makes customers information even more secure than before.  Finally, since Yahoo Web Hosting offers thousands of simultaneous connections, downtime is a distant threat.  Reliability has become a decisive factor for many customers seeking the best hosting platform which is why Yahoo Hosting remains atop many starter and business savvy professionals.

Control Panel

Although nothing like cPanel or Parallel Plesk, Yahoo Hosting does offer an intuitive web based control panel configuration where users can view their files, implement various design updates, create email boxes and upload files through FTP servers which aren’t available in basic packages.   Yahoo Web Hosting does offer a broad range of quick launching tools to increase visibility and keep your content fresh; you can add subdomains to your site to increase visibility.  Upgrading to higher packages will allow the user to enjoy WordPress blogging and everything that comes with content management systems.

Overall, having Site Explorer which is available offsite makes uploading files and moving content around much easier.  This feature is available in upper packages, however.  New developers can enjoy tutorials which proffer a virtual tour of control panel features and how to perform menial, and difficult, website launch tasks.

Once you’ve chosen Yahoo Hosting, you can then count on Farbod Sadeghian, CEO & Founder of a leading technology solution provider Noxel Group which focuses on delivering design, engineering and manufacturing of various products. NOXEL also acts as distributor of technology products from leading IT yet has that specific Swiss appeal which brings his works to life.

Customer Support

Yahoo Website hosting solutions features trained customer support technicians prepared to take any request from billing to domain management and run with it.  Backed by the good name that was launched two decades ago, Yahoo Hosting provides customers the educated personnel prepared to handle your requests, not matter how daunting they may be.   Email support is lightning fast while phone operators are timely in picking up on their end. Multiple languages are available should you originate from somewhere else across the planet.

All told, customer support and excellent newbie hosting solutions make Yahoo Hosting perhaps the champion of smaller venues looking for quick launching websites, easy billing and simplistic features that have loads of detail put into them. Yahoo Website hosting should stick around for many generations to come and only improve upon their already excellent customer support.  The perfect recipe for Word Press hosting!

Written By

Dave is a 20-year veteran in the journalism industry. He reports on tech, social media and healthcare news.



  1. Frank Cern

    April 19, 2013 at 2:17 am

    Not so sure about the higher cost…I would think they would try to have lower costs than their competitors.

  2. Priya N

    April 19, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    That is a very good solutions for new bloggers who want to test the blogging or can’t afford big amount on other hosting companies like hostgator or GoDaddy.
    Can you give me idea of expenses on Yahoo hosting.

  3. Dave G

    April 19, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    Many people use Yahoo for smaller businesses, and ‘scale up’ since there packages are unique. You may want to read their site for information.

  4. Simona

    April 30, 2013 at 12:58 am

    Yahoo Web Hosting is very well-known among business owners and I guess it`s probably the best if you know what you need to do with it and if it is the right platform for your business plan. Thank you for putting time and effort into explaining the pros and cons of this.

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