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Why Your Netbook Should Run On Linux

Windows and MacOS still dominate the operating system market for desktops and laptops. And to many people, Linux is only good for servers. However, there is still a market in which Linux is the best option for you, over Windows and MacOS. And I am not talking about the mobile market, where Android – which is based on Linux – is a major player. I am actually talking about the netbooks. And from my years of experience in Linux, here are some reasons why you netbook should run on Linux.

  1. Linux suits best for netbook hardware

To extend the battery time, netbook hardware is always much less powerful than desktop and laptop. The processors of netbooks are usually of the Atom family, which is very weak in compensation for the long battery life. Similarly, you will never find a netbook that has more than 2GB of RAM either. And Linux, is well-known for being very friendly with old and weak hardware. Some Linux distributions only use less than 100MB of RAM at idle.

  1. You wont play games on your netbook

“You cannot play games with Linux” is one of the most common arguments Windows users use to argue against Linux. However, I am pretty sure that you wont play games on your netbook either. And more than that, there are many other applications that you wont run on your netbook, like Photoshop or heavy movie editing tools, due to the weak hardware specs. So you can use whatever Operating system that meets your simple needs. And Linux can offer all the basic tools, ie internet, chatting, email … just as good as, or even better than, Window.

  1. Linux is free

This is the most easy point to understand, unlike Windows that you have to pay for the operating system. Linux is totally free. And more over, most applications that you use in Linux are totally free as well. So with Linux, you only have to pay once for the netbook, everything after that is free.

  1. Linux is more secure

Everybody knows about the Windows viruses, and MacOS has also become a target of viruses and malwares recently. But Linux is always more secure than both Windows and MacOS ( that is the reason why most supercomputer and servers run on Linux). So with Linux, you will have a stable and secure experience. Your can travel anywhere you want with your netbook and you won’t have to worry about picking up viruses or spyware like you would with a Windows-based netbook.

  1. With Linux you will have more choices

Another good thing about Linux is that you will have a lot of choices to choose. Unlike with Windows, you can only select between Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and probably Windows 8, you have a lot of options in Linux. There are literally hundreds of Linux distributions out there with different interface and packages. Each distribution offer a unique flavor for you so if you get bored of one distribution, you can download and install another for a new excitement.

Written By

Brian Jerimy is Linux geek who runs Linux and Life, a blog dedicated for everything related to Linux. If you have a netbook and want to try Linux, you can read his recommendation about the best linux distros for netbooks.



  1. rotyyu

    May 6, 2013 at 9:32 am

    I run Linux on my laptop because it is more secure than Windows.

  2. Agnes Monica

    July 28, 2013 at 12:57 am

    Your article is excellent information provide to us, that is very useful…I like your article about Why Your Netbook Should Run On Linux.
    I truly enjoyed reading it!
    Thanks for the cool informative post. Keep up the great work 🙂

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