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Business Sites: Tips on the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

For a business, presentation is everything. Not only does this apply to your personnel and your products, but more and more it means that your online outlets have to be slick, well designed and easy to use in order to attract customers. If you are looking to revamp your site and reassess the finer points of its design, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Research Your Customers

To start with, you must first find out what your customers or potential customers think about your current site design and what they would want to change. Forming a focus group is a great way to do this and will give you some ideas about which areas of your business are working and which aren’t. You should also think about how much each suggestion is going to cost and whether there are cheap ways to give your business a shot in the arm.

Think About Bonuses

What is it that your company does particularly well? Are there bonus offers or free things that you can offer customers to keep them interested? If so, your website is a great place to hold these offers. When you are redesigning your site, be sure to allocate a designated area of the page to providing information on discounts and value deals. This should be displayed prominently, but not overbearingly, on your homepage so that it’s one of the first things visitors see.

Keep It Simple

As with so many things in life, design is often at its best when it incorporates simple aesthetics that allow easy functionality. For example, as part of the recent Metrofax redesign the firm overhauled its main page. The text is now clearly spaced out in three key sections to highlight the main areas of the company’s expertise. There is also a changing display that highlights additional bonuses and benefits of using the firm’s resources, such as its mobile app technology. This helps keep clients informed.

Think About Your Customer Base

What particular demographic makes up your customers? If you sell a product that is targeted at a particular age or social group, you need to think about what they need from your site and how you can accommodate them when you revamp your business portal. Your site’s new look is also a great chance to boost your marketing activity and attract new members of this group to your firm. Promote your new site on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.

Similarly, visit blogs and forums of people who have an interest in the service that you’re providing and contact them that way – you’ll be amazed how many people will come to your site if you simply tell them about it.

Revamping a business site now and then is important as it helps any business keep fresh and interesting. How will you change you business’s website?

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Erin is a true writer at heart. She's venturing into the blogging world to test the waters and loves everything about it. Her Twitter handle is @erinscribblez.

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