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Why Your Business Needs to be “Mobile Focused”

Most companies have shifted their focus towards inbound marketing strategies, whether a website or a mobile app. A major part goes towards making the website mobile friendly and even better getting an ideal mobile app in place. Still, in the process of making your business mobile? Here are the reasons why you need to take everything on your Smartphone.

a. An app means ‘more customers’

If you seriously want your business to get maximum users, why not focus all your energy towards building a stable mobile app, considering the fact that users today are found on their Smartphone all the time. A strong mobile app is certainly an undisputed way to generate more leads, allowing the company and customers to get in direct touch, through a direct interaction.

An app tells a lot about user behavior, which can be helpful in understanding the pulse of users. You can make out when your app is used, where, why, and what content is accessed the most. All such information helps you in gathering useful relevant content, which can, in turn, help you in planning future marketing campaigns.

This is also important in establishing the trust of users within your app. You exactly know when they wake up, go to the office, sit down for their meal, or have spare time in hand to use apps. Allowing users to get in a comfortable zone with your app helps you in generating potential leads. For this, do provide contact info within the app, so that they can call, email, or message you instantly.

b. Think about the payoff during this ‘not so easy’ task

Your task is yet not finished, even after creating an app. You need to get people download your app, and even more importantly get them to subscribe. Not only the experience across platforms should be equally smoother, but also your app should fulfill all the user expectations. Try to analyze things from a user perspective. If your needs are satisfied, so do in case of other users. It might take a whole lot of effort in the beginning, but gradually you will see things settling down.

c. Keep things relevant and pertaining to users

An average user uses about 6 -12 apps a day. This is a relatively microscopic figure compared to the number of apps present in the application store, and with thousand other apps launching on a regular basis. So, how to ensure that your app is one among them? Have your app super relevant, addressing individual needs and expectations of the users. Do not overwhelm users by incorporating too much content. This will not just clutter up things within your app, but also will become content heavy to handle, occupying too much of your phone space. Users will surely find your business and offerings relevant enough if they find your app to be perfect.

What it takes to bring a business on mobile?

Right from technical issues to privacy concerns, there are a number of hurdles you will encounter while going mobile. Mastering the mobile challenge needs cautious thinking and implementing right steps at the right time. We just saw how useful it can be if your business is portable to handle. However, how to go about achieving that state successfully? Let us find out.

A few facts to start things off

As per a detailed research conducted by eConsultancy and Adobe, mere 11% agencies and 20% companies, have a well-planned mobile strategy for a year. Additionally, 37% digital traffic is a result of mobile, up by 6% from past year. 28% respondents credit mobile for half of their digital traffic, up by 10% from past year. As per a prediction from 62% marketers, there will be a surge in global mobile traffic by 50% in the coming year. All these statistics point out a single most point, a mobile strategy will become even more imperative with time, as you move forward with your business.

Some key marketing secrets to enhance the overall mobile marketing strategy

• Have an enterprise-wide thinking. Mobile is often a marketer’s arena, but it has impacted people across all domains. In fact, successful organizations believe in involving every single person within the organization to provide their valuable inputs in devising the right mobile strategy.

• “Value” should lead from the front. Sales should be an afterthought when taking your business on mobile. Think how you can solve user problems. You have built an app to suffice user wants, and not to escalate your sales or revenue. Keeping this thing in mind, you should focus on delivering value to the users, rather than gathering sales from your app.

• “Moments” do strike the right deal. Capturing user attention and retaining the same has become harder than before. Hence, it is high time that you shift your focus towards the micro moments presents within your app. Micro-moments are those small reactions when users use the app for immediate actions. To fully leverage these sparks of attention, have a seamless, relevant, and immediate experience delivered right from your app.

• Kick-start the conversation through your mobile app. A mobile app is not just a mere device meant for sending out notifications, texts, or messages; but a source for kicking off a conversation. It acts as a wonderful 2-way conversation channel, helping businesses to take user feedback in the form of ratings, reviews, polls, or surveys.

Summing up

There are too many mobile marketing tactics you will find on the web. We have discussed just a few of them to make you understand why it has become so vital to get your business on mobile nowadays. We saw what are the reasons and benefits behind doing so. Let us quickly remind the entire discussion in brief:

• A mobile business escalates the customer base
• The task is not easy, but payoffs are certainly great with a broader user base.
• You can have only things that will add value to user lives.
• An enterprise should be involved as a whole in drafting right mobile strategy.
• Value is a priority over sales.
• Everything lies in small moments.
• Have a one to one direct conversational relationship.

Written By

Jennifer Brown is a software developer at Digital Infoware Pvt. Ltd., an IT company with expertise in mobile application development services, delivering high-end user friendly apps development solutions. She feels glad to share her experience through informative and enlightening articles.

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