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Bulk Business SMS and Gateways

At times you want to send multiple messages, and you don’t have time to send all of them individually. This is the time that you ought to send a bulk SMS.

A bulk SMS refers to that one message that you send to multiple recipients simultaneously. Once you click on send, the message will be channelled to the numbers that you have queued.

Have you ever received a message from an organization you are not associated with in any way, and which does not seem to resonate with you at all? Yes, this would be a result of bulk SMS gone astray. Let’s go a step further and look at how important bulk SMS can be as part of a business’s marketing strategy.

How important is bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS saves you time. Within a short time, all your recipients can receive a message from you practically at the same time. You can even make this time shorter by ensuring that you are sending them from a place with a secure network connection, depending on your network provider.

Just imagine if you can take just a minute to reach many recipients most of whom you would otherwise have used the whole day to message if you were to do it one by one. Well, that’s what bulk SMS messaging can do for your business.

In addition, bulk messaging is synonymous with low-cost marketing. Compared to most common advertising strategies like radio, print, or television, you will pay less money for bulk SMS. Indeed, the rates for sending such text messages is very open in a typical business SMS gateway the caveat being that you have to choose the recipients’ number limit and make the relevant payment before you can go ahead and send your SMS.

Furthermore, bulk SMS tends to have a wide-open rate. Once you have sent it to your target group, 98% of the recipients are most likely to open the message. This is different from other messaging methods. For instance, bulk email messages are, on average, opened only by about 12% of the recipient. This means that bulk SMS more often than now will reach a good number of recipients. This is in addition to the likelihood of being read in a few minutes. Some recipients will even read them instantly, e.g. via notifications, as they do other things.

How to send bulk SMS

The typical way of sending bulk SMS is by using a bulk SMS platform. If you plan to use bulk messaging in your business, you should always look for one that offers affordable business rates often provided by SMS gateways as part of their business packages.

There are several business gateways that you can engage with through which you can send your bulk messages to millions of people all over the world. The best ones tend to be secure, reliable and provide instant reports.

In all, you should be wise to choose what will work well for your business. Check on issues like prices, the SMS limit, security features, and other factors that could have a direct impact on your business. You can also check online to find such gateways so that you get to choose what will work best for you and your business.

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