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Business Startups Guide to SMS Marketing

The value of a text message for two friends contacting each other may not be the same as it can be for a business which can contact the right customer base through just one message.

The best bulk text messaging software just won’t be enough unless you are sure of the way you can use it. In this article, you shall be introduced to the important aspects you need to consider before sending out a message to your targeted base.

1.      Keep it short

Nobody will read paragraphs and paragraphs of you boasting about your product. Times have changed, and people want everything to be as quick as possible, so when you ask your team to draft the perfect message, make sure that it is short enough to keep the audience entertained and long enough to cover the essentials.

The cost of sending out a longer message is not exactly greater, but being wordy will only make you lose people.

2.      First impressions matter

Although it is an unrealized truth that the first impression depends on a number of elements, your business message does not count in that regard. As a new brand which has started venturing into the world of SMS marketing, you need to show professionalism, entertaining content, and quickness all at once.

This impression can be ruined by:

  • Grammatical mistakes;
  • Incorrect information;
  • Biased/Unchecked information;
  • Offensive material.

Be sure to keep your message clean of these aspects before you give it the go ahead.

3.      Starting is the most important

Most smartphones today have an SMS software which allows them to see a slight preview of the message without actually opening it. That slight little area is too tight to target, but you must make sure that the starting is excellent because that will compel the receiver to open the message and see what lies inside.

Something too wordy and informative or too cheesy such as “ATTENTION!!” is likely not going to work because you are an unknown contact, so you need a balanced preview.

4.      Frequency

Sending out messages is important so that your customer stays in touch, but that does not mean that your company is the only important thing in your customer’s life. Respect that personal space, and do not send tons of messages every day, because that will only unnecessarily increase your costs or disrespect and annoy your source of income.

If you have three important announcements, for example, then space them among 3-4 different days so that the customers get a chance to absorb each one and react to it.

5.      Language

Professionalism is not just about being formal; it is about knowing what your customers like collectively. Your team will have to work on making the language of the messages you send out as welcoming as possible because, without that, the customers won’t bother seeing your message again.

The language also needs to be inclusive and accommodating, which means that it should be gender neutral and not use offensive slang just to appear cool.

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