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Branding Strategy : Simple and Effective Guide for Beginners in 2021

How many brands are there out in the market that you think are mainly known because of their crazy branding? Your branding can make or break your brand, one wrong step in this direction and all your efforts go down the drain. Your brand name, your logo, the way you position your brand in your customer’s mind, the logo designing agency plays a huge role in this case. If you are new to it or looking for rebranding, we would suggest you go for some kickass brand development agency as they can get you a new recognition for your brand explaining exactly what your company should talk about.

When you see the big brands like Coca-Cola you would understand, it is a lot more than just a soda drink, similarly, Starbucks is not just a coffee, there is a lot more to that. The experiences that these brands give through their branding are what they are known for. One thing that all entrepreneurs need to understand is, if you do your branding right, you have won the game, and in case you lose track, we have bad news for you.

If you are struggling to create a good image of your brand, and need to rebrand yourself, the following guide will help you with it.

1. Decide your audience

The audience that you are targeting is the main factor that helps you decide how you can plan your branding and how to get it right. If your brand does not go well with your audience, trust me all your efforts will be utterly useless. Do you want something that can connect with your audience or else your audience will be feeling alienated and would prefer your competitors over you because they may feel connected to them better?

Before you go out and start branding make sure you know your brand and your audience well. Who is your audience? What are their likes and dislikes? How do they like to do their business? How can you reach them and connect with them? These are the main questions that you need to answer first and then you will have your audience ready.

2. Create your mission statement

Okay this is the point where you will be explaining why you created your business. You do not necessarily need to give out all your details, a few of the details would be enough to tell your audience about it. It explains where you are coming from and how you need to communicate it to your people to build a connection with them.

Before you get into the business of crafting your brand make sure the audience you are targeting values, recognizes, and trusts you. You do not want to disappoint your people through a bogus story, be smart with your words and know how to communicate your brand story, mission, and vision statement in the right language. Make sure you know that your mission statement will be the building block of your overall brand manifesto that will explain why your business is operational and why they should buy from you.

3. Explain your uniqueness

You do not open a business to be just like everyone else in the market, you have to bring some out-of-the-box and killer ideas for your brand and your branding as well. There will be hundreds of competitors in your niche and industry. It’s better to be different than the rest of them, because how else then you will convince your customers to buy from you. There should be one thing that can differentiate you from the competitors.

It could be anything from the service or product quality or your quick delivery and response staff. Give it some time, think about it, and list it all down on paper to ensure you are not missing out on anything. You want to cover all the areas and be sure you are rightly communicating everything. Being unique will get you a lot of customers, otherwise, there will be nothing for you to offer your customers. Bring something new and out of the box to attract as many audiences to you.

4. Develop your visuals

Now that you have a clear mission statement and a very defined target audience, it’s time you start working on your visuals. One thing that you need to understand is your brand personality is dependent on two main things, content and graphics. They both are the face of the brand and your personality majorly depends on them. At this point, since you are quite aware of your mission statement and other main heads, you should begin designing your visuals.

Your visuals have a huge impact on your audience, the logo that you are designing, the color palette that you are going with, the icons you have chosen, and most importantly the typos you have decided they can make or break your overall appearance. Do not in any case compromise on these visuals, make sure you are hiring a well-known logo designing or branding agency for this job. Do not let amateurs handle this job as they know how to deal with such peculiarities.

5. Your voice

Your brand voice sets the tone for your brand, do you want to be energetic? Or do you wish to go slow? If your target audience lies around the younger generation, we suggest you go for an energetic and enthusiastic tone. In case you trip over it and adjust for something slow-paced your audience will feel the same vibe. You want to decide the tone that resonates well with your brand as well as your audience. What’s the point of your voice if your audience will not be able to comprehend it?

Once you have decided your tone, do not in any case lose track. You should be consistent with it no matter where your content is going. Be it your social media, web content, or blog posts, you have to ensure there is no change in your brand voice.

Are you ready to take over the business world through this hit checklist of 2021?

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Hello! I'm Nicole Botello, a 28yrs old digital marketer from Texas currently living in Maryland and is obsessed with Programming and web design. Currently working with a Social Team Lead for InGeniousguru.

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