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Best Tips On Buying Used Apple Mac Laptops

Buying a used Apple Mac with a comprehensive computer repairs and computer support package can mean really big savings.

Apple Mac laptops are well known for their reliability, and unfortunately, their expensive price. There is a reason for their cost. Everything just seems to work with an Apple. You don’t spend hours trying to re-install applications and you don’t use your device living in the threat of multiple viruses and other malware. Apple’s operating system is extremely sturdy, and because the company specialises in their own machines, you know they are built to last. Apple does business in some very different ways to other manufacturers. For example, Apple warranty and computer support packages are sold per device, and not per owner. This big distinction can really make buying a second-hand machine a much easier task. Here is a look at some tips to getting value for money when buying a second-hand Mac.

  • Trading and auction websites.Trading websites, such as eBay, are an excellent location to buy an Apple laptop. You will see just how many machines are on the market and soon realise it is worth taking your time and bidding with care. There is always another device coming on the market. Get to know how to use the sites, and know how to evaluate sellers and the way they have been using their laptops. Remember, personal sellers will often be cheaper than companies that specialise in trading devices.
  • Buy a later model of the series.Apple laptops come out in series. The later models of each series are always a good buy because they have juiced up components. Get to know your models and the differences between them. When a new series is released, you can always get a real bargain on the latest model of the previous series. That machine might well last you a very long time considering the discount price you bought it for.
  • Understand what makes a laptop ‘slow’. Install the latest Apple operating system (Lion OSX) on a 2-year-old Apple laptop, and you will see it slow right down. This is because the operating system requires more processing and ram power than the machine was originally designed for. You might be able to boost the RAM, and still get some life out of the machine. There will always be a new OS coming out, and there will always be beefier machines being released. It is a game all the manufacturers play, and results in a never-ending cycle of upgrade.Learn how to choose the best machine for your needs, and know how long you will be able to use it. Some music producers are still using very old Apple machines because they use them for a specific use, for example.
  • Buy refurbished direct from Apple. Not many people realise that Apple has a special section on their website dedicated to selling refurbished Apple laptops. All of these machines come with one-year warranty, which includes all the support you will need in terms of your hardware. You know the machines are in great condition, and you are buying them with the support of the company that makes them. The prices are always changing and so keep your eye out for great deals.
  • Know the difference between marketing and reality.Apple is very good at marketing their devices. Just because an operating system has been released, or a new device has come on the market, it does not mean previous models are not up to par. Improvements are incremental. Sometimes it can be better to wait until newer systems and devices have had the bugs ironed out of them. This was particularly the case when Apple introduced the new Intel processors, and is still an issue with Lion OSX.

Finally, if you are not comfortable with your knowledge of personal computers, and particularly Apple, talk to someone who does. There are a number of companies that sell personalised support and computer repairs packages for home users. These are available on monthly payment plans and they will be able to help you decide, and help you with instant support when you hit a brick wall.

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