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3 Servers To Look At For Your Small Business

If you are running a small business, one of the most important decisions that you will make is the type of server that you will host your website on. There are always decisions to make about service versus cost, and this article will help you determine the different types of storage server that you have available for your business.

The Shared Server

The shared server is the least expensive of any type of server, but you receive the least amount of service. A shared server is named as such because you share the resources of the server with other clients. On a shared server, it is sometimes difficult to separate your operating system from those of the other clients. Also, the misfortunes of other websites tend to spill over onto your website.

The VPS Server

VPS stands for virtual private server. A virtual private server is a cost-effective solution for a business which needs the segregation of a dedicated storage server without paying dedicated server prices. Physically, the hosting solution is the same as a shared server. However, the virtual private server segregates data in a much more organized fashion, giving each business the illusion of its own dedicated server.

On a virtual private server, each website can run its own operating system and download third-party applications without affecting any other client on the server. Virtual private servers also help to segregate data leaks so that viruses and other misfortunes that happen to other clients on the server do not affect your webspace. However, it is possible for the resources of a virtual private server to be overrun by an aggregate usage between all of the clients on a server.

The Dedicated Server

The dedicated server is the most expensive storage server solution for a rented server. The only other type of solution, which is the most expensive, involves buying your own server. The dedicated server means renting one server for one client. This provides the greatest amount of resources for a client as well as the least amount of room for errors and data leaks from an outside source.

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